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New Arrival.

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1 New Arrival. on Sat Dec 18, 2010 6:23 pm

The camera zooms in on a dark clothed man standing in the front of what looks to be an industrial Facility. The building looks empty as the man enters a poorly lit corridor. He is carrying a small bag and looks suspiciously from under his black hat. He walks calmly along the corridor, inspecting every door he passes, looking in each room whenever his knocking on the door is unanswered. It is clear that he is looking for something or somebody.

????: Anybody here?

As he continues his search he sees somebody in the distance coming out of a room, closing the door behind him. The person takes out a big set of keys and starts fumbling for the correct key to lock the door.

????: Excuse me?

The other person doesn't react and after checking the door to see if it is locked properly he turns to walk away from the scene, limping. As he turns around the corner at the end of the corridor the light reveals part of his face and the scars that run over it.
The stranger shivers and continues his search. As he reaches the door the other man came out of he feels the urge to check if the door is indeed locked.

????: Apparently there must be something important that lies behind this door as it is the only door locked... interesting.

A noise at the end of the corridor interrupts his mesmerizing and he walks towards the corner at the end. Around the corner he sees the scarred man again standing in front of a message board pinning a flyer to it.

????: Excuse me dear man, can you tell me if this is the ATW-headquarters?

The man shrugs and points at a flyer on the board.

Man: See for your self.

As the stranger gets closer to take a look at the flyer the scarred man limps off again, mumbling something about his job not being a tour-guide for newcomers. The stranger stares at the man for a few seconds then directs his attention to the flyer at the board. His hand lifts the front of his hat a bit to take a better look.

ARCHETYPE WRESTLING: Rules of Conduct!...

????: So I guess I'm in the right place. Now where to check in?

As his eyes dwell over the board to find some map or clue as to where he should go he notices another list:

????: Well that's interesting, the line-up for the main show.

His fingers follow the names listed until he reaches a name he recognizes. He starts smiling.

????: So they do expect me here and I'm in the main show already. Let's see who this Cylon is, I'm sure somebody can fill me in on his weaknesses.

He adjusts his hat again and as he walks out of the scene the camera zooms in on the list and focuses on the line up:

Cartouschke VS CyloN

The camera slowly loses focus and fades to black.

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