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The Mafia's Arrival

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1 The Mafia's Arrival on Thu Dec 16, 2010 4:14 pm

The camera focuses on the parking lot. It see's a Hummer Limo starting to pull into the lot. It's black in color with the words "The Mafia" on the side. The vechicle comes to a complete stop and The driver steps out to open the door. Two people come out of the limo. The first being Ghetto Blaster and the second is William Bergeron. They grab their luggage from the driver and look around the parking lot. They notice the camera and call it over to them.

Wil Bergeron:Hello ATW universe. I'd like to say a few things before entering the arena. Ghetto Blaster and Myself are here for only one reason. To make a statement in a big way. You will all have to wait and see what we mean. A message to the superstars here, If you're interested in joining The Mafia, come to our locker room. For the others, I say you're in a load of trouble. Now, Ghetto is that all or do you have something to add?

(occ. finish it off GB, and this is a simple for the minor show, am writing a long one with GB no worries LOL)

OOC: Edited, will continue editing when more is added.

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2 Re: The Mafia's Arrival on Mon Dec 20, 2010 10:11 am

Ghetto looks at the camera

GB: What? Didn't think you'd see me again? Now I know I saw all the internet rumors saying that I was in jail for lets managing some services but don't worry. You will see the girls later on down the line. I only want one thing and that is gold around this waist, ATW, just so you know,The Mafia doesn't ask, we take! If you think you can stop us then meet us in the ring sometime. Now if you excuse us we have some business to take care of.

OOC: Said I'd edit it :L

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