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Arrival of the Storm

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1 Arrival of the Storm on Sat Jan 08, 2011 12:21 am

OOC: So I've actually picked up from my RP in the off season. I'm not really sure where this storyline is going but it could be fun to find out.

In a darkened room there is a sudden flash of blinding white light. Once it dissipates and the room returns to its previous dim state, Adam Nedman appears, lying sprawled on the floor. He springs to his feet and immediately adopts a fighting stance.

Disembodied Voice: Be calm, Oncoming Storm. You are in no immediate danger.

Not reassured by this, Nedman maintains his posture, remaining alert.

Nedman: Who are you?

Disembodied Voice: Who I am matters not.

Nedman: Where am I?

Disembodied Voice: Where you are supposed to be.

Nedman: (growing frustrated) What does that mean?

Disembodied Voice: A spectre of darkness looms over this place. These lands are threatened by a great shadow. Balance is essential. Your presence is required.

Nedman: And I'm supposed to be a bastion of the light, a beacon of hope?

Disembodied Voice: Be as you are. Do what you do.

Nedman: Will you stop speaking in riddles!


Nedman: (to himself) Great! I didn't mean stop speaking.

A shaft of light enters the room from what appears to be a doorway. Nedman warily makes his way towards it. He opens the door and enters what looks to be a hallway. Someone bumps into him and falls to the ground. He looks up at Nedman, somewhat taken back by his attire, a near-threadbare loincloth and tape round his feet.

Backstage Worker: Aren't you ready yet? The locker room is that way, you can probably find some gear in there.

Nedman: (puzzled) What?

Backstage Worker: Your match is next.

The worker gets up and runs off, leaving behind a confused Nedman and the shot fades out.

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2 Re: Arrival of the Storm on Sat Jan 08, 2011 12:47 am

When i first read Disembodied voice i imagined a corpse talking to you... LAWL

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