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BONE HEAD wants a challenge

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1 BONE HEAD wants a challenge on Wed Jun 15, 2011 2:56 pm


the camera shows Bone Head walking to Phenoms office

Bone Head kicks phenoms door open

Bone Head: i am Demanding to hold a challenge for the people backstage to earn the oppotunity to be like me

Bone Head watches as phenom smirks at him then gets back to his paperwork

Bone Head: ANSWER ME!

Phenom points to the door to signal Bone Head to get out of the room but Bone Head refuses to leave

Bone Head: i am not getting out till you answer me!

Bone Head slaps phenom to try and get an answer but when Phenom gets up he realises that he could get fired so he runs out of the room before phenom could say anything

a couple seconds after a note is slid under the door saying phenom, come out and give me your answer during my segment from Bone Head

The camera fades with Phenom Chuckling at the note

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