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Naven's first challenge

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1 Naven's first challenge on Wed Dec 22, 2010 11:51 pm

the crowd are chaotic as the camera moves throughout the arena, suddenly the lights dim as the ATW tron lights up....

The crowd goes wild as "Im the one!" by static X blasts through the speakers..Naven X walks out of the curtain and stand in front of the stage looking at the crowd as they yell and boo at him, he continues down the ramp and into the ring,Naven stands with a microphone in his hands...

Naven X: Wow...I dont believe it!..I've finally made it here and what do I see...a bunch of sick, useless people!

The crowd boos with the chants you suck!

Naven X: Well, Im not here for all you punk im here for one reason and one reason only to meet my first opponnet here in ATW, so whoever you are?...COME OUT NOW!!

Naven leans on the rope as he waits fo his opponnet to arrive...but no response....

Naven X: Hmm..wel it seems my opponnet is afraid to meet me man to man, that's fine because tonight you will be in the ring with me I love surprises and I can see that their will be many more here in ATW..

Naven takes a hold on the camera

Naven X: So whoever you are, you better get ready cause you will be given a price to pay!...Quoth the Renegade!...Nevermore!!

Naven's music plays again as he begins to leave the fades out..

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