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Challenge, part three

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1Challenge, part three Empty Challenge, part three on Thu Mar 10, 2011 10:41 pm


As soon as the bell rings, Hack3r's music starts to play, and while he is still a bit unsteady on his feet, he begins to celebrate the victory while TheHero has a pretty angry look on his face. The champion gets his title belt handed, somehow manages to climb the turnbuckle to cheer with the fans and then hovers to the next corner, making a squared-circle-celebration out of "his" victory. TheHero instead doesn't seem to feel like celebrating at all...

But after a couple of moments, the music is interrupted by "Battle ready", Tyr's entrance song. The wargod enters the entrance stage, once more with a microphone in his right hand. He stops right in front of the ramp, and there's a highly sarcastic sound in his calm, deep voice, as he lifts the microphone up and starts to speak.

Tyr: Congratulations, Mr. Hack3r. What an impressive victory you gained once again, without any help at all! Now please answer my question: Why can you single-handedly dominate and defeat two people at once, but ran away when I just wanted you to accept my challenge?

Both TheHero and Hack3r now stand in the middle of the ring, and they have a very close eye on the big man. After a moment they realize that Tyr really wants an answer, and Hack3r points towards a technician for a microphone. A disgusted look crosses his face when he takes it, and he quickly turns around, again wavering on his feet. After meeting TheHero's eyes for a short moment, he lifts the microphone as well.

Hack3r: I don't know what your problem is, Tyr. I legally eliminated you in the Death Race last season, and you have nothing better on your mind than thinking about taking my Synthetic Breed Title away from me?

A little laughter can be heard from Tyr, before he responds.

Tyr: It does not show great manners to answer a question with a counterquestion, Mr. Hack3r. Nevertheless I will answer it. I do not care for your title. I just want you to prove that the elimination you pulled off during the Death Race was actually not just a fluke. But you keep avoiding me, so I will ask you kindly again: Are you ready to prove your skills in a match against me?

Something seems to be going on in Hack3r's head, but since he's still pretty wobbly on his feet, he may also just be collecting words before expressing them out loud.

Hack3r: I have a suggestion for you: Come down to this ring peacefully, and we'll talk about that.

With nothing more than a little shrug, Tyr walks down the ramp, climbs the apron and enters the ring by dodging the top rope. During the short time it took him to get there, Hack3r unintentionally backed down a bit, bringing TheHero right between Tyr and himself. However, either the wargod doesn't realize this, or he simply doesn't care. He just lifts the microphone again, but now his voice is much deeper, carrying his anger again.

Tyr: What is your answer?

Hack3r attempts to respond, but instead he loses his balance again, resulting in an unintended push against TheHero's back, shoving him against Tyr, who are both equally surprised. More by pure coincidence than purpose, TheHero hits the other man with his forearm right in the face, forcing a grunt out of Tyr's lungs. Hack3r however hits the ground and, somehow automatically, rolls out of the ring. He takes a quick look back as he lands on his feet, and with a scared look on his face he once again runs away through the crowd.

TheHero seems to be shocked as he stands right next to Tyr, and both men watch Hack3r escape, but as the champion reaches the final step, he turns around to take a look at the result of his actions. His eyes cross Tyr's, and all of a sudden the wargod turns TheHero around and violently slams his fist into TheHero's stomach, forcing him to bend over. He then turns him around, takes his head face up between his legs while holding TheHero's arms. Without letting his eyes slip from Hack3r he finally jumps, brutally planting his opponents occipital into the canvas executing a LEGENDARY Wrath of Asgard!!

Hack3r's face shows a little surprise, but much more relief that it wasn't him to suffer TheHero's fate, so he quickly turns around and leaves the arena. Tyr still follows the Synthetic Breed champion with his eyes, standing tall and motionless over TheHero's devastated body, while once again "Battle Ready" by Otep starts to rifle through the arena...

Sam, if you have anything you don't like, feel free to edit it. Until this point, Hero and I like it, but since you're involved as well, just go for it Wink

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