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The Legendary: William Bergeron

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1 The Legendary: William Bergeron on Thu Dec 16, 2010 12:15 am

Wrestler Name: William Bergeron
Wrestler Nickname: The Eagle
Wrestler Level: 30
Wrestler Type: Balance
Wrestler Height: 6'2
Wrestler Weight: 240 pounds
Wrestler Age: 23
Face or Heel: Face
Wrestler Attitude: Randy Ortons`s serious side, John Morrison`s comedical side.
Tag Team Partner in this fed: Ghetto Blaster
Tag Team Name in this fed: The Mafia
Willing to Tag:Yes
Faction Name in this fed: The Mafia
Wrestler's Style: Big Show's Strength, Y2J Technical skills, and Rey Mysterio Speed and Heart

Wrestler's Origin: William "The Eagle" Bergeron was a fan of wrestling all his life.He join up in karate for a year. He first decided to try out for the wrestling team in high school. He made the team and went on to win 4 years in a row. His coaches told him is was the first one to incorparate karate into amateur wrestling. He then turned his attention to pro wrestling, training with the best in Canada. He was contacted by Jonny Storm and got his first wrestling contract with ACW. Was a member of CWA until becoming teh GM of GPWA, his own creation. He was GM for 2 years before, the government deemed his federation too voilent for television and banned his shows and PPv from TV and live at stadiums. He became a free agent and was one of the top free agents. He decided to sign with ATW-Archetype Wrestling.
Your RP Ability: 4.5
Willingness to change from face to heel or heel to face: Yes

Description of each of your finishers, taunt(s), and trademark moves:

William Bergeron the opponent up in a suplex type way then grabs both legs to make a package manouver
and slams him hard head first on the mat executing LEGENDARY Eagle Buster!!

William Bergeron jumps onto the turnbuckle
does a 450 spin in the air landing on his opponent executing HardCore Fully Fledged!!

William Bergeron grabs the head of the opponent pulling back like a crossface
then slides down to the opponents leg grabbing the ankle affecting tons of pain executing a devastating Eagle's Eye

Puts His Arms Out And Flips The Bird To Opponent executing The Shine of the Golden Eagle

Finishers: Eagle Buster, Fully Fledged, Eagle's Eye

Trademarks: The Canadian Death Drop, Puncture Wound, and Crashing Eagle Strike

Taunts: The Shine of the Golden Eagle

Catch Phrase: Time to fly to new destinations

My Entrance Theme Song

The Mafia's Theme Song


Leader of Eagle Inc. and The Mafia
3 Time GPWA Tag Team Champion
-w/ Jonny Storm
-w/ Zeus
-w/ Ghetto Blaster
1 Time GPWA Champion
1st GPWA Award: Best Feud/Storyline
ATW Double Helix Championship
-w/ Ghetto Blaster
2nd ATW Helix Award- Best Tag Team
2nd ATW Helix Award- Best Match
3rd ATW Helix Award- Best Tag Team
3rd ATW Helix Award- Best Stable
3rd ATW Helix Award- Messed Up Moment

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