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Bergeron Speakes with Pandora

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1 Bergeron Speakes with Pandora on Tue Jan 11, 2011 7:44 pm

The screen cuts to the locker room of The Mafia. Pandora is seen breathing heravy while she wait for one of the Mafia members to come out. William Bergeron comes out in his wrestling attire. Pandora is excited to see him.

Pandora: I know your no rockstar but I do know who you are. Yout the legendary Will Bergeron.

Will Bergeron: Yes, I am. Are you a fan the found her way to the backstage area.

Pandora: No No, am a interviewer for ATW. I am a huge fan of your those. I seen GPWA and all your other wrestling appearances.

Will Bergeron: Oh sweet. Well are you here to interview me and get autograph.

Pandora: Am here to interview you but wouldn't mind a autograph at the end.

Will Bergeron: Ok, will do. What's your first question.

Pandora: I want to know your thoughts about your upcoming singles match?

Will Bergeron: I look forward to getting in that ring on my own. I feel that I slack a little in the tag match.

Pandora: Are you saying you have something more to prove?

Will Bergeron: Yes, I want to prove that I am a powerful force to be dealing with. Today, Sparda your my first victim.

Pandora: Ok, one more question. How are you enjoying your time here in ATW?

Will Bergeron: I love it here reminds me of my federation a lot. I have met new people and seen familar faces. I look forwaed to the future here.

Pandora: Thank you, Mr Bergeron. Can I get this autographed before you go?

Will Bergeron: Yes you may.

William Bergeron signs the photo and walks away. Pandora is excited, but hears something in her ear and scream. She starts running towards the parking lot.

Ghost: What the hell was that about?

Danielson: She must have heard a rockstar was in town or something.

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