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Interview with Will Bergeron.

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1Interview with Will Bergeron. Empty Interview with Will Bergeron. on Tue Mar 15, 2011 6:56 pm



OOC: This was added for on behalf of Will.

Christian Ghost and William Bergeron are seen in a nicely organized room. There is two seats and they are facing each other. The cameraman gives a count down for them to start talking.

Ghost: Hello ATW Universe. I have a exclusive interview with William Bergeron. He wanted to get a few things off his chest. How are you Will?

Bergeron: I am good. I am glad that I was able to get you for this interview. Some of these employees are brain dead.

Ghost: How mice of you to say that. What are you thoughts on what happen in Japan?

Bergeron: I think it is sad that it happen, but am sick and tired of hearing about it. I believe that Japan should just stop crying and continue building computer and the economy. I know you're suffering but come on you're Japan. Not a third world country.

Ghost: I see that your a little negative about it. Do you at least plan on sending them relief funds?

Bergeron:I have been getting tons of calls for many charities and people from Japan. I decided that if they would stop annoying The Mafia with all the calls. We will donate 500,000. I will not be giving to any charities. It will be presented after the PPV by myself and Ghetto Blaster.

Ghost: You're donating money just to shut them up? Damn it, I should of thought of that. Speaking of matches and wrestling. What are your thoughts on your opponent together?

Bergeron: Can you refresh my memory. I seem to keep forgetting the names of superstars in this company?

Ghost:You are fighting Sparda tonight!

Bergeron: Oh yes, I finally get my hands on him one on one. I have fought him only in tag matches. I think it's time for me to prove to the world that The Mafia can also fight alone.

Ghost: Nice! Are you looking forward to the PPV as much as the fans are?

Bergeron: Oh hell yeah. I can't wait to place those Double Helix Championships around the Mafia's waists. But that not the only thing that is on my agenda for the PPV.

Ghost: What else is on your agenda then?

Bergeron: I believe that everything is best saved for that day. I don't like spoiling anything for the fans. You will have to wait and see until then. I got to go get ready. I will see ya later.

William Bergeron starts to walk away, but turns to speak one more time.

Bergeron: I forgot to mention. I bought you a gift from my buddy Ghetto Blaster. I hope you enjoy it, and bring it back in one piece.

Ghost: What...

Before he can finish William Bergeron is gone and a lady walks into the room. The cameras fade with Christian Ghost having a huge smile on his face.

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