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William And The Mafia on Top of Their Game

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1 William And The Mafia on Top of Their Game on Tue May 31, 2011 4:51 am

The cameras show William Bergeron at his desk in his office. A figure is seen in a chair opposite of him. The camera walks over to see who is in that chair. It is revealed that Christian Ghost is in that chair.

Ghost: William, why did you call me here? I paid you guys for everything at the last PPV. I haven't bet in a long time.

Will Bergeron: Relax Ghost, I just wanted to say a few things to the fans. You're a true interviewer. I hate the interviewers we have. So, ask the questions the fans want to know.

Ghost: I'll start by asking you this. How does it feel to be a dominant force in ATW?

Bergeron: It'a amazing. I can't say I am the only one. I feel that The Mafia has reached our greatest heights. We are not coming down anytime soon.

Ghost: You seem to not want to point the finger on yourself for creating this force. Why?

Will Bergeron: I have been in this business for a long time. I don't need to claim anything. They all come to me. I didn't do nothing.

Ghost: Are you saying all the members were never recruited?

Will Bergeron: Well yea, but I never forced them. They always had the decision.

Ghost: Alright, enough about The Mafia. You have been on a roll of late. You were always in tag matches though. Are you capable of doing the same in the singles division?

Will Bergeron: At this point of my career. I feel I can achieve anything. If I was able to be ATW World Champion at some time. I believe I could do that. So, to answer that in lame terms. Yes.

Ghost: What are your thoughts on your opponent tonight?

Will Bergeron: Crimson Wrath has been in this business as long if not longer then me. I respect him and his partner Demon. But for the first time in a long time. The Killaz were beat. Who beat them? The best in the business today. You may have been a fear in everybodies eyes in the past Wrath.

Ghost: Aside from the respect, what are your thoughts?

Will Bergeron: I was getting to that Ghost. You have never met me or Ghetto. Like my partner, I will beat you tonight. By the time the PPV comes, you will not want to show up.

Ghost: How can you be so confident?

Will Bergeron: Why can't I be? I won back to back Tag Team of the season awards. I won the messed up moment of the season, for my demented mind set. To top that off The Mafia won stable of the season. So, you tell me how?

Ghost: You're right sorry for the bad question. Do you have anything else you would like to say?

Will Bergeron: The Mafia is on top of their game, and no one. I mean no one will stop us. Oh, Against All The Odds. Your childish actions won't get to us. We will deal with you when we have the time. Right now, we have our eyes on golden opportunities. Oh, one more thing. I will be hosting my second cosa Nosta. The guest for that show will be..... Hacker and his rabbit.

Ghost: Wow, what an annoucement. Back to you at ringside Danielson. I'll be there in a few. Good Bye Will. Thank you for your time.

Will Bergeron: Not a problem. Come back anytime.

The camera fades to black.

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