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Chris Sabin's Interview

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1 Chris Sabin's Interview on Sun Jun 12, 2011 11:28 am


Chris Sabin is seen wondering around the backstage, that's right the same guy
who went out on Prototype and made fun of all the wrestlers in the back. Chris is just thinking about his third grade teacher wondering if she still remembered him as Chris had a huge crush on her and wanted nothing but to marry here at the time but he grew out of it just like he was told by his father. Chris Sabin is wearing blue jeans, and a black "Fight Against The Man" T-shirt. He walks around a corner and sees Andrea and goes back to thinking about his third grade teacher how much alike did Andrea look like her. Andrea looked familiar but he could not remember where as he met millions of people a day fans and friends of fans. So many people wanted him to sign autographs and many more things, Chris walks up to Andrea and smiles, she speaks to the camera man which is not heard, he jumps up and turns his camera on, Andrea begins to speak.

Andrea: hello Ladies and Gentlemen i have a guest at this time his name is...

Chris chuckles to himself and whispers into Andrea's ear telling him his name, she smiles back, Chris begins thinking again "where do I know her from? Was it from another federation? No, I do not think so". Andrea continues.

Andrea: My guest at this time is Chris Sabin, Mr. Sabin, what are your thoughts on your match next against Bone Head?

Chris snaps out of his day dream and focuses on Andrea again just hearing the last of her sentence before she puts the microphone in front of him. Chris thinks to him self what the question could be "Maybe about my match next week, yeah I will talk about that". Chris takes the mircrophone and begins to talk.

Chris Sabin: Well Andrea, Bone Head is a tough competitor as I said on Prototype but I think I can easily beat him because I will put my body on the line just to get one win while entertaining the fans at the same time. With out them I would not be here today, ok, maybe Phenom had something to do with it but he is just a creepy vampire so he does not count as much as these fans. I got to go, I have a match now, maybe catch ya later if I got time hun.

Chris Sabin walks out of camera view leaving Andrea stunned and confused as to what just happened. All she got to ask was one question. The camera fades to the ring.

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