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FMP interview

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1 FMP interview on Thu Jan 13, 2011 10:51 pm


Fmp is walking down a corridor shadow boxing when Pandora grabs his arm and pulls him to her for an interview.

FMP: wooo all you need to do is ask ok.

Pandora: i know but i need a quick word about your match with Wolvian.

FMP: shoot away.

Pandora: well aren't you juts a tad cautious?

FMP: hell no i will give it my all full out and no doubt Wolvian will bring his A- game too but bottom lineis i will be the better beast on the day.

Pandora: but lets not get ahead here you know that the Darkness will be watching are you going to have A.A.T.O as back up?

FMP: Look here Pan, all you need to worry your little mind about is how your going to say to Wolvian in the kindness way possible, "how do you feel about your loss to FMP"
Ok thats that bu bye.

Fmp walks off before Pandora can get in 1 last question.

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