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Alparslan Interview

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1 Alparslan Interview on Tue Jun 07, 2011 8:24 pm

The camera shows Pandora walking into Alparslan's personal locker room

Alparslan: oh hi Pandora, want an interview?

Pandora: Yes. I just need a comment on your match tonight and your loss last week.

Alparslan: Well. Last week I saw how incredibly lucky a person could be.

Alparslan takes a bottle of water.

Alparslan: I dominated Wildy to a point that I thought was impossible

Alparslan throws his bottle of water out of the window and takes a bat.

Alparslan: Did you know if hit at the right angle one of these can paralyze a person for 30 seconds.

Alparslan hits a punching bag with the bat.

Alparslan: But Wildy, this time you won't be that lucky. Tonight we have a hardcore match which means I could tear apart your body.

Alparslan looks into the camera.

Alparslan: But you're lucky Wildy. Because I don't want to miss our match at the pay per view.

Alparslan takes his coat on and puts bird food into Phoenix's cage.

Alparslan: Eat and drink well and say your goodbyes. Because soon you will become nothing but history

Alparslan takes some dark sand and blows it at the camera as it pans away.

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