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Wildthing, Alparslan's LMS promo

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1 Wildthing, Alparslan's LMS promo on Mon May 16, 2011 4:59 am

Connor: I'll tell you what Christian, so far we have had some of the most unexpected outcomes for this year's Helix Awards so far.

Christian: Hold on

Christian listens into his headset with a shocked look on his face. Christian then stands up with a microphone at hand.

Christian: Ladies and gentleman. I have just been informed that after some hostile threats from both Alparslan and Wildthing, the Board of Darkness has decided to...


Then a video appears on the titan tron showing images of both Alparslan and Wildthing's past victories.

???: Tonight two men will enter the ring

Crowd: What!?

The titan tron's pictures begin to change showing Wildthing and Alparslan bloodied and knocked out in the ring from previous matches.

???: But one man will claim victory after knocking the other out. Who will be the winner? Who will be the last man standing!?

The titatron turns off and lazer lights and rock-n-roll guitar solos begin to play.

Crowd [chanting]: We want blood.

Conner: Well you heard the voice, Christian. Wildthing and Alparslan will get their hands on each other tonight. Isn't that just awesome?

Christian: ...... That's what I was told just seconds before that voice came on.

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