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Yes I did ( Open to wolvian or anyone that wants to interrupt )

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"If You want Peace... Prepare for war" by Children of Bodom plays and a huge mixed reaction goes on with the fans as Voltzandre appears in the entrance wearing his black jeans with a black leather jacket. He walks down the ramp taunting then he enters to the ring and asks for a mic.

Voltzandre: Since I have been here in ATW and I mean from the very start, I have asked for a match against the "Most dominant wrestler" for his title. Now in season number 4 I will finally have the opportunity to show who really is the most dominant wrestler. But now what it looks like he is not the champ anymore, I have been after that title all these days and now that they give a match with Wolvian it turns out that he doesn't have the gold so I dont really care for this guy now.

Fans are quiet as Voltzandre continues talking.

Voltzandre: What a stupid way to lose the title, Wolvian you should be focused on your title instead of your family. That shows me that you're weak. You're not the cold blooded *&^%^&*% I thought you were. You're just a lonely homesick wolf.

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Voltzandre walks around in the ring for some minutes waiting for someone, anyone to come out.

Voltzandre: Wow. Losing your title really sides you down so if you're not going to come out it's a waste of my time waiting for an answer. Well, I'll see you later in our match PUNK!

Music plays again and Voltzandre leaves the ring laughing.

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