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Most Dominant Wrestler Of The Season (Open to Wolvian)

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Hack3r walks out on to the stage, bows for the crowd then use the wheels in the heels of his shoes to heely across to the podium.

Hack3r: Oh, don't you worry. I would never host a Helix Awards event without my trusted wheely shoes would I?

The crowd laugh.

Hack3r: Sorry about having to leave earlier. I had to go sort those guys out. Apparently the kid I chose to be my replacement didn't do very well at the job. I guess that's why amateurs aren't up here.

Hack3r stops and looks around his location for a while.

Hack3r: Wait, where'd Cornelius go?

The crowd shout that he ran away.

Hack3r: Ahh, na, he didn't run away. He probably just went to get a subway or something. He does that quite often. I'll just press this button ...

He pulls out a small remote control from his suit pocket and presses one of the buttons on it.

Hack3r: And it'll let Cornelius know I'm looking for him. True story. Anyway, on to business once more. If I remember rightly then this award is for the most dominant wrestler of the season. Once again, let's view the VT shall we? Stephen, you know what to do.

A tape is played on the titan tron which highlights the short list for the award as being Wolvian, Travis Touchdown, William Bergeron, Phenom The Vampire Lord and Adam Nedman.

Hack3r: That's a good line up. Kind of weird how none of those guys have ever faced me though. Regardless, the winner is ...

A drum roll begins to play over Hack3r's talking. The drumming dies down after the host begins waving his hands.

Hack3r: Stupid idiots. As I was saying before I was interrupted ...

He looks to his right and we see that Cornelius is hobbling across the stage with a subway carrier bag sticking out of his Rab-Pack. Hack3r walks the rest of the distance to meet him and he picks up the furball and begins to stroke him as he strides back to the podium.

Hack3r: I told you he'd get subway.

Hack3r pulls the bag out of the rabbit's back pack then proceeds to take a bite.

Hack3r: The winner is Wolvian. Come out here big bad Wolf and get your prize.

OOC: Over to Wolf.


Aiden's Cry Little Sister begins to play over the speakers once again. Wolvian walks out on to the stage. He stops looks at the rabbit and lickes his chopps. He then continues to the podeum. The music stops once he begins to speak.

Wolvian: First off nice rabbit there Hack3r. I bet he would taste good on toast glazed in honey. But hey I will let you keep his feet as there suppose to be lucky. And you will need that luck if you ever want to face me the TWO time most dominate wrestler in ATW!

Wolvian holds up the award as the crowd boo's him.

Wolvian: But now onto the other scum sucker who is running around here with a cardboard title telling every one he is the most dominate force. Travis Touchdown, Your nothing more than a two bit flunky! You want to see why I am the most dominate force in ATW!

Wolvian takes off the ATW World championship title and holds it up along with the Most dominate trophy.

Wolvian: Thats why right there. I am a true champion! I hold the greatest title here in ATW! Not something made in arts in crafts back in the 1st grade! But hell dont take my word on it! Letts look at the three little pigs that I dominated all season long! Then at the PPV elimated each and every single one of them MYSELF! Thats what true dominace is Kids! Not some rookie playing pretend!

Wolvian kicks over the podeum and walks past Hack3r and his rabbit. Wolvian gives an evil grin showing his pearly whites. He then continues to the back.

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