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Anger of loosing. (phen put this just before the thing with me, Wolvian , A.A.T.O and Darkness thing please)

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The camera shows the A.A.T.O locker room and a frustrated Python is pacing back and forth with a clenched fist.

FMP: I can't believe i lost last week. She got so damn lucky, i was kicking her ass until she got lucky on me, i should have won!! I need to prove myself, get my dominant reputation back, i need... i need... Aha! i have 2 ideas, 1: well you will see in a minute and 2: i need to show people why it was a fluke loose last week.

FMP storms out of the locker room with the rest of A.A.T.O looking confused and look to see where he is going. FMP walks down the corridor and finds a random wrestler and starts punching him in the face, rams him into a wall then waits for him to get up as he backs away. Just as the wrestler gets up Full Metal Python charges at him and tackles him shoulder first into the gut whilst he lifts them up and slams them down on the back quickly executing a MORTAL Flash-Back

FMP: Now out to the ring, lads stay back here I don't think I need you at the moment, but be on edge.

FMP storms down the corridor and makes his way to the ring.

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why is this rp ? and please talk with cody and artic about their parts too

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