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Most messed up moment of the season. (Open for mr Wolvian.)

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OOC: I changed the name of the awards because TWG people don't like swears Sad

For the third time tonight the camera shunts back to the podium only this time Hack3r is laying down on a black and white stripy sofa that has appeared. He's lying down stroking Cornelius who no longer has his Rab-Pack on.

Hack3r: If y'all don't mind I'm going to present the award from here. Cos, like, well, the sofa was donated and it'd be a shame to waste it wouldn't it?

The crowd nod in agreement but stay silent.

Hack3r: Wait, what? You guys will howl hysterically at the mere mention of wrestlers and stuff but when you're asked a serious question you shut up?

A lone voice can be heard saying yes. Hack3r laughs to himself.

Hack3r: I like that guy. Anyway, onto the Helix Award that isn't really an award. It's the trophy for the most messed up moment of the last season. Stephen, roll the VT!

A video is shown on the titan tron that shows the candidates for the award.

Hack3r: Stephen's my guy. I didn't think that any of these moments particularly deserved to be even spoken about, let alone be congratulated. Anyway, the winner is ...

A drum roll is heard as Hack3r shifts Cornelius' weight so that he can pick up the envelope on which the rabbit had previously been lying down on.

Hack3r: The winner is Wolvian stealing from a charity.

The crowd boos.

Hack3r: I know right? Come out here and get it big guy.

The crowd wait in anticipation for Wolvian to arrive.

OOC: Come out and do your heel thing?

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Aiden's Cry Little Sister begins to play over the speakers. Wolvian Waalks out onto the stage. He walks up to the podeum and looks out at the crowd as the music stops he begins to speak.

Wolvian: So what I took money away from some dead people. Its not like they needed it! In fact I saw a few of them in hell the other day. I made sure they got there moneys worth!

Wolvian grabs the trophy and begins to laugh as he walks off stage.

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