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Face Of The Season (Open to Hero)

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1Face Of The Season (Open to Hero) Empty Face Of The Season (Open to Hero) on Thu Mar 31, 2011 2:44 am


The camera shows that the podium has been moved back. It zooms out to show Hack3r standing at one end of the stage and Cornelius perched at the other end. Some lovey dovey music begins to play and the two begin to run to each other in slow motion. As they approach Hack3r reaches down and picks up Cornelius to twirl him in the air. The music stops and Hack3r continues to stroke his pet as the podium is bought forward.

Hack3r: I'm really running out of ideas here. It's late for me ok? I'm suffering from jet lag or something so if I say anything wrong or make any mistakes blame that illness and not me being tired. Anyways, we're almost there. Have you enjoyed tonight?

The crowd cheers very loudly.

Hack3r: That's what I like to hear! Isn't that right Cornelius?

The rabbits squeeks and the noise can be heard on Hack3r's microphone. The crowd begin to "N'aww" at the rabbit.

Hack3r: He's a good boy really. Anyways, as I was about to say, This is the last award. It's crazy right? It's been such a long night. I think it's been worth it since this last award is probably the best one there is available. It's for "Face of the season". Let's so who's nominated shall we?

Hack3r picks up an envelope and opens it. He begins reading it.

Hack3r: Ahh, would you look at that. The nominations are ... DefJam, I've not had much contact but he seems awesome. Shaun Vincent, It's the same story, I don't know him that well but he seems cool. There's also the newest contestant on the shortlist and that's Chris "Action" Jackson. There's also that Hero guy who stole the Synthetic Breed title and lost but not least there's me. You all know me I'm sure.

Hack3r pauses for a while to create some suspense.

Hack3r: The winner is me. I'm actually very honoured to be given this award for the second season in a row. It lets me know that I'm doing something right. Well, that's been the Helix Awards, I've been Hack3r, this has been Cornelius. You've just lost The Game, and I'm out.

Hack3r holds up Cornelius and his Trophy up into the sky as the crowd cheers and his entrance music begins to play. He starts to walk off the stage but is met halfway across the stage by an angry looking Synthetic Breed Champion.

OOC: Fancy crashing the party Hero?

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