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Break out star of the season. (Open for TT)

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1Break out star of the season. (Open for TT) Empty Break out star of the season. (Open for TT) on Thu Mar 31, 2011 1:02 am


Hack3r can once again be seen at the podium talking to a man in a high visibility jacket as the black and white sofa from before is being carried off by some burly looking worker men. The two men appear to be communicating in whispers. The man in the jacket appears to get very red faced then walks off the stage looking angry.

Hack3r: So I've got to go do this thing ...

Hack3r looks around the arena then points at a nervous looking kid in the front row.

Hack3r: You! Come here now and do this? I got to deal with this.

Hack3r runs off the stage while shouting something about not touching his rabbit. The camera cuts to the nervous looking kid and ironically he looks nervous. After some encouragements from his apparent friends he begins to scale the crowd barrier but falls and lands awkwardly on the other side. He gets up and begins to limp the long, lonely distance up to the podium.

Kid: Uhh, so, umm, hey? I was told to do this ...

The crowd begin to boo. In an ill advised attempt to win the crowd back the kid decides to pick up Cornelius. The rabbit senses his fear and trepidation so bites him in an attempt to calm the kids nerves. This only serves to make the kid drop the rabbit who lands successfully on two feet, swaggers for a bit then falls to all fours and begins to skulk away. The kid raises his hands to his ears to try and dull the intensifying tirade of boos but to no avail. Eventually the kid crouches to his knees and begins to cry behind the podium.

OOC: TT, fancy taking over?

Travis Touchdown

Travis Touchdown
Suddenly Travis Touchdown's theme is played. The crowd suddenly erupts as they did not expect the wrestler to be here. He arrives from backstage in a blazing leather jacket, a t-shirt on which "I'm UNDEFEATED" is written and some shades on. He walks on stage towards the podium with his title belt on his shoulder.

Travis Touchdown: Everyone, SHUT UP!!

As Travis screems these words, the crowd is silent, and not a word is spoken

Travis Touchdown: Much better. So tell me, what kind of ceremony is this? The main host is too busy taking care of that stupid rabbit of his that he puts a kid on stage instead of him. And look at this kid, he must be bullied by everyone at his school. Come on kid get up.

Travis helps the kid get up.

Travis Touchdown: So kid, what are you supposed to do?

Kid: I don't know, Hack3r told me to come here and do... something.

Travis Touchdown: I see, I see. Do you think Hack3r is a good host? Randomly pointing at you and telling you to face THOUSANDS of people?

Kid:W... Well not really.

Travis Touchdown: Hmmm that's what I thought. And tell me kid, are you a fan of the undefeated champion Travis Touchdown?

The too afraid and starstruck to say no, nods his head to say yes.

Travis Touchdown: Of course you are, who isn't? And who do you think should host this award ceremony?

Kid: You sir!

Travis Touchdown: You damn right I should. Only an undefeated champion could host such a ceremony. Only a person who defeated every opponent who dared cross his way could give the trophies to those who deserve it. What do you think ATW universe.

The crowd screems in approval

Travis Touchdown: But since Hack3r was designed to host the show and is so good at this job that he's letting a kid do it, let's see what's the next category. So kid tell me what's that category that you must present.

The kid takes the envelop in which the nominees and winner is and reads the category written on it.

Kid: It's breakout star of the season.

Travis Touchdown: Breakout star? Now THAT'S what I call a prestigious award. Come on kid move on. Who are the nominees.

Kid: So there's Vivica Lockhart, Khaos, Chris Action Jackson, Shawn Vincent and you sir, Travis Touchdown.

After each name the crowd applauds except for Travis Touchdown where they cheer and chant his name.

Travis Touchdown: Thank you, thank you. Well who's the winner? Come on kid, I don't have all day!

Kid: The winner is T...

As the kid is about to read the winner, Travis pushes the kid away and grabs the letter.

Travis Touchdown: ME! TRAVIIIIIIIS TOUCHDOWN!!!! Give me that award.

Travis grabs the award which was sitting on the podium and raises both the award and his title in the air.

Travis Touchdown: That's right, I'm the star of ATW, I said it before and I'm proving it now. Only the undefeated champion could win this award, this victory isn't a surprise actually. That's how it goes. Man I should maybe consider buying a bigger house with all these awards, first the undefeated championship then this Helix award. What's next? I'll tell you what's next! An even more dominant Travis Touchdown, always prevailing, always defeating losers one after the other. Next season is going to be brutal and full of shocking surprises. Now get ready for next season's Travis Touchdown. It's going to be something that you've never seen before. Now hit my theme song, I'm out of here. And kid now get back to your seat and let's have that Suck3r back to host the show.

Travis Touchdown leaves the stage walking backwards holding his title and award in the air.

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