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My path to greatness(interview segment)

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1 My path to greatness(interview segment) on Mon Jun 06, 2011 2:06 am

The camera shifts backstage as we see Pandora walking to a door. She takes a deep breath and enters the locker room, there we hear sounds of a training from the corner of the room, the camera zooms close as we see Vivica Lockhart training with a punching bag while wearing black tights and a sports bra. She turns as the is interrupted by Pandora..

Pandora: May I have a few words with you Vivica?

VL: you again!, If I remember, the last time I saw you I knocked you out with a single punch. Are you here for some payback?

Vivica clinches her fist as Pandora steps back behind the cameraman..

Pandora: Hey I don't want to be here in the first place!, but I have to or I'll be fired, so can we just get this over with?

Vivica takes one good look at Pandora then agrees.

VL: Fine, you got 10 minutes, go!

Pandora: Ok, well as you know last week you confronted Naven X in the ring about all the stuff you two have had going on for the past few weeks and had your matches which ended in draw..are you worried about facing Naven one on one?

Vivica stops punching the bag.

VL: Worried!, First of all, I could have won that match if I wanted to.In Naven's case, he was lucky to even survive in his match, second of all he also ended his match with a draw, so it seem he maybe is worried about face me in the ring!

Pandora: Maybe so, but he claims that he hasn't taught you everything and could that be his advantage at the ppv?

VL: Naven may say he hasn't taught me everything, but he should know that I know him very well. In case you forgot I was his manager and tag partner so I know what he is capable of. And in the end, I will continue on to my path as I become the Synthetic Breed Champion.

Pandora: Well speaking of champions, you know by now we have a new Synthetic Breed Champion Travis Touchdown. You do think you can handle facing him for the championship?

VL: the question is can he handle me?...and that's all the time we have. So if you don't mind, GET OUT!!!

Pandora quickly leaves the locker room, but the cameraman is still in taking a look at Vivica body..

[center]VL: You like what you see?

The camera moves up and down as if nodding.

VL: Good!

Vivica kicks the cameraman so the screen goes black, we hear Vivica saying..

Vivica: Cause I'm the last thing you'll will ever see!

Camera goes static

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