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the true greatness of darkness

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1 the true greatness of darkness on Sat Apr 02, 2011 7:00 am

The arena goes completly black. Aiden's Cry Little Sister begins to play over the speakers. A video a crimson moon is shown on the tron. Fog begins to pour out of the entrance way as the chimes in the song begin to hit. As the vocals begin to speak with in the song a curtain of fire explodes and Wolvian steps throught it. Wolvian dressed in his long hooded sleveless black robe stands at the tope of the ramp as the crowd boo's. The curtain of fire slowly dies and two walls of pyrotechnics explode as Wolvian slowly walks down the ramp. As Wolvian gets to the edge of the ramp the ring fills with fog. Wolvian then starts to walk up the stairs. He then climbs between the ropes and moves into the middle of the ring. Wolvian stands there for a bit before raising his hands. As his hands raise the robe falls off him to show the ATW World title around his waste. An explosion of fire engulfs the ring like a circle of fire reaching up to the rafters. As the fire lowers the lights come on and the music stops.

Wolvian: Last season I didnt just face one challenger for the ATW World title. I didnt just face two Challengers. I Faced three little pigs all greedy for the ATW World title! At the ppv I eliminated each and every little pig myself in that match! One by one they all fell. First to fall was the little pig who thought he could use a Hockey stick to beat me!

Wolvian grabs a hockey stick that a stage hand, Hands him from outside the ring. He holds it up and then breaks it over his knee. He then tosses the pieces out into the crowd.

Wolvian: Then the second to fall, Was the leader of the Apple Dumpling Gang.

Wolvian points to the tron as it lights up with a highlight from the ppv.

Wolvian Cups Hands Around His Mouth Then Leans Back And Howls Toward The Rafters executing The Howling Echo

Wolvian lifts voltzandre on to his back stretching him out to look like hes being crusified then runs tossing him over my shoulders neck first on to the ring post executing LEGENDARY The Crucifixion!!

Wolvian tries a pinning maneuver

Referee starts counting...


The tron pauses while Wolvian turns back to the audiance.

Wolvian: Then there was one! One little pig that thought he had the skill, and was so full of ACTION that he could defeat me! But lets see how he faired?

Wolvian turns back to the tron as it plays another segment from the ppv.

Wolvian stands behind his opponent and underhooks both arms Then he pulls them upward tightly Lifting his opponent off the ground starts to howl as he shakes him violently executing LEGENDARY The Lunar Howl!!

Wolvian keeps his ruthless submission hold


Chris "Action" Jackson can't resist anymore and taps out!!


The tron then goes black and Wolvian turns back to the crowd.

Wolvian: Looks like he was full of it! Chris Jackson you may have fought my father. But as I told you before the PPV. I AM NOT MY FATHER! I am a beast of a whole nother breed! I am the most dominate force to ever set foot on this planet! I grew up in the darkest depths of HELL it self! So I fear nothing!

Wolvian lets out an evil laugh as the corners shoot fire from them. As they slowly go down. Wolvian turns his attion back to the entrance ramp.

(open for some one to interupt)

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2 Re: the true greatness of darkness on Sat Apr 02, 2011 11:54 pm

Suddenly the lights in the arena change to a golden hue. "Action" by Def Leppard blares over the PA as sparks shower over the tron. Chris "Action" Jackson bursts through the curtain created by the sparks and poses for the cheering crowd with a mic in his hand.

CAJ: Look at that the little wolf is talking up his big accomplishment. I'll give you this wolf pup you are a decent submission wrestler and as much as you claim the opposite very much like your father.

The crowd is in stunned silence as they hear Action complimenting Wolvian.

CAJ: With that said however you seemed to forget to show the important points of that match, for example the fact that I eliminated Shawn Vincent. Or the fact that I weakened that Voltz guy enough that you could pin him after you knocked me out of the way. Now if that is right I did most of the work and you walked out with the belt. So I've been wondering what would happen in a one on one match between us when it is for the title.

The crowd begins to cheer as Action's signature cocky smirk crosses his face.

CAJ: I think something like this would happen.

Action points to the tron as it shows a picture of Chris "Action" Jackson standing over top of T-Wolf, Galactic Title over his head.

CAJ: Oh sorry right you aren't T-Wolf, keep forgetting that. Can we get a little edit in there please.

The picture changes with Wolvian's face on T-Wolf's body and a crudely done picture of the Archetype World Title over the Galactic Belt.

CAJ: Yup that looks right. So what do you say Wolf 2.0? One on One with the Action or will you prove that you are still lesser than your dear ol' dad. Cause I know he would agree to try and prove that he is truly better than me. Will you?

CAJ lowers the mic, cocky smirk still on his face. The crowd is deafening with their cheering.

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3 Re: the true greatness of darkness on Mon Apr 04, 2011 2:25 am

"If You want Peace ... Prepare for War" by Children of Boldom start to play and the arena is filled with a huge mixed reaction, Voltzandre comes out wearing his black jeans and without shirt with a mic in his hands

Voltzandre : WaiwaiWait a second ! I dont know what you guys are talking about , I mean I was kicking your butts till I got distracted and Mister Wolfy took advantage of it !

Voltzandre walks a little bit to get near to CAJ

Voltzandre: Dude get over T-wolf that guy doesnt exist anymore, when you find Wolvian you just talk about that guy, cut it off !!

Voltzandre walks more ignoring CAJ and looking at Wolvian

Voltzandre: You ! You are just on lucky bastard ! you talk alot but when you find yourself in the ring with me , We will see Punk !

The fans go wild as they are specting the other ones to answer

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4 Re: the true greatness of darkness on Fri Apr 08, 2011 5:58 am

OOC : sorry guys i did not notice that caj replyed because he just idited and taht dont send any notification anyway there it is sorry !!Very Happy

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5 Re: the true greatness of darkness on Fri Apr 08, 2011 6:20 pm

CAJ turns to Voltz and looks at him with a dismissive glare.

CAJ: Ok, look boy the grown men ... well the grown man and the wolf pup are talking. So why don't you go back and train a little harder then maybe one day you will be able to get in the ring with me and not be utterly humiliated when I destroy you. Now run along.

CAJ gives a dismissive hand wave and turns back to Wolvian.

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6 Re: the true greatness of darkness on Fri Apr 08, 2011 9:32 pm

Voltzandre laughs at Caj but then he realizes he is talking seriusly and stop laughing

Voltzandre: You should stop talking and be prepared for tonight match Action, Last time let you won to make my match interesting but tonight you will what the Demon killer is capable off

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