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Helix Awards Segment 3

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1Helix Awards Segment 3 Empty Helix Awards Segment 3 on Thu Feb 10, 2011 11:12 pm

Shawn Vincent

Shawn Vincent
OOC: Put this in after a match, before a commercial.

The shot changes from the ring back to the stage and the podium where Shawn Vincent and Stacy are waiting to present the next award.

SV: Well folks that was one heck of a battle! Speaking of battles, there have already been some feuds that have begun here in ATW. It sure didn’t take long before people started taking up sides and deciding they really don’t like each other! In response to these great feuds, we decided to give out an award for the Best Feud of The Season! The Nominees for Best Feud are…

Phenom The Vampire Lord vs. Sam/Spriorite/Peach/Betty/Hack3r

Darkness vs. A.A.T.O.

The Tag Team Division

Eternal Eclipse & Defjam

Christian Ghost & Connor Danielson

The crowd starts to randomly scream out their picks for who they think is the winner.

SV: And the winner is… THE DARKNESS VS A.A.T.O.!!!!!

The camera pans to the entryway to see who comes out first.

OOC: Either Darkness or A.A.T.O. can respond, or you both can!

2Helix Awards Segment 3 Empty Re: Helix Awards Segment 3 on Fri Feb 11, 2011 5:16 am


The arena goes completly black. Aiden's Cry Little Sister begins to play over the speakers. Wolvian walks out onto the stage and steps toward the podium.

Wolvian: I would like to thank A.A.T.O. For being such easy prey as the Darkness first lambs to the slaughter!

3Helix Awards Segment 3 Empty Re: Helix Awards Segment 3 on Fri Feb 11, 2011 5:47 am


"If You want Peace ... Prepare For War !! " By CoB plays and the arena is filled with a chant of Aggainst All the Odds. Voltzandre comes out wearing a black jeans with a shirt that says " A.A.T.O. Turns on the Light ". He walks to the podium where Wolvian is talking he pushes wolvian a little bit so he can talk in the microphone

Voltzandre: Thank You all for voting, Go Aggainst all the odds ! Down with darkness !!

Voltzandre grabs the award and give it to Wolvian and sidehugs him facing to the camera

Voltzandre: Smile !!

4Helix Awards Segment 3 Empty Re: Helix Awards Segment 3 on Sat Feb 12, 2011 2:15 am


Wolvians eyes buldge. He then turns and walks away with his head down shaking it in discust.

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