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The Bilodeau Encounter Part 2

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1 The Bilodeau Encounter Part 2 on Wed May 04, 2011 8:38 am

OOC: Written for PPV. Missed deadline so posting now. Sorry for inconvenience.

*Eternal Eclipse is seen back stage with his father in his dressing room. His father was captured by the Mafia a few weeks earlier.*

Eternal Eclipse: This is how you deserve to get treated old man. You betrayed me and hurt me when you tried to hide from me. Do you have any idea the trouble I had to go through to get you?

Carter Bilodeau Sr.: I suppose I don't. How does it feel?

*EE rage builds up and climaxes at his fathers snappy response. EE tackles him to the ground and pounds on him for a few moments. He then grasp him by the back collar of his shirt. EE opens the door and slams it on Bilodeau's face. Then slams him into it. Bilodeau gets up and tries to run. EE follows closly behind with a determined stare.*

Eternal Eclipse: Everything that has happened in my life has lead me to this point old man. It is time the devil pays his dues.

*EE comes up from behind and hip checks his father into a near by table. He begins bashing Carter Bilodeau Sr face into the frame. After several moments, EE and Bilodeau move down the corridor and into the public cafeteria.*

Eternal Eclipse: That one was for thinking you could by me of like a car or pet.

*EE pushes his father face down on the counter top where all the trays and food are placed. He continues dragging him across the 10 foot top then throws him to the floor.*

Eternal Eclipse: That one was for never being there in my life.

*Eternal Eclipse lifts up his father and stares momentarily into his eyes. EE turns his gaze to a 4x4 window a few feet away from they are standing. Eternal Eclipse throws his father though the pane of glass and the one story drop below. Glass showers him. EE jumps down from the frame and walks towards his bloody crawling father.*

Eternal Eclipse: That one was for mom. All the times you ignored and disrespected her. She was the greatest thing to ever happen to you and then you treated her like dirt. It's time she gets retribution.

*EE kicks Bilodeau in the gut. EE spots a near by lake close to where they are now. EE lifts Carter Bilodeau Sr. and walks him towards the edge of the lake. EE pushes his father to edge of a 20 foot cliff drop. The two are now face to face.

Eternal Eclipse: Did you really expect nothing different? You thought that one day I would never notice or rebel against you? Me and Mom loved you and it meant nothing. You shunned us away for your precious business. Any last words?

Carter Bilodeau Sr.: You are wrong! I loved you're mother. She was the world to me-

Eternal Eclipse: Wrong answer friend! Your lying is done.

*EE takes a few short steps backwards and then rushes forward and spears his father of the cliff and into the twenty foot drop below. The two bodies hit the water with a smack. Nothing but silence is seen or heard until half a second later. EE pulls his father out of the river and on to the grassy edge a few feet away from the cliff. They both lay there, on their backs, in silence.*

Eternal Eclipse: I can't do it. Even though I hate you I still can't kill you. You are my father.

Carter Bilodeau Sr.: You are wrong about your mother.

Eternal Eclipse: How?

Carter Bilodeau Sr.: You are the greatest thing that ever happened to me.

*EE grins sincerely and begins to laugh.*

Eternal Eclipse: Even with that cheesy remark, I somehow know that to be true... I am really sorry.

Carter Bilodeau Sr.: I know you are son.

Eternal Eclipse: I imagine I am cut off from all funds.

Carter Bilodeau Sr.: You are to much of a liability. I have too.

Eternal Eclipse: That means I cant pay off the Mafia for finding you. I am going to have to join them until I debt is payed.

*Eternal Eclipse get's up and then helps his father up. EE helps his father limp along.*

Eternal Eclipse: Thank you for everything dad.

Carter Bilodeau Sr.: It's not a right to have you. It is a privilege to of had you and your mother. She would be proud of you today.

Eternal Eclipse: Good bye dad.

Carter Bilodeau Sr.: Good bye son.

*A black limo appears out of the dark and EE helps his father get in it. The door slams and the black car screeches of into the distance, leaving EE alone in the night.*

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