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Cornelius is a little bit ill :/

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1 Cornelius is a little bit ill :/ on Fri May 13, 2011 2:10 pm

OOC: Part 1 of 2.

The camera turns on to show Hack3r lying down on his brown leather sofa in his locker room. The faint sound of "Sabotage" by Beastie Boys can be heard in the background. Hack3r lifts himself up off of the sofa and walks the length of the room to his drinks cabinet. He pulls down a glass from the top shelf as the familiar sound of Cornelius' rabbit door is opened. Hack3r turns around to meet his furry friend then drops his glass which shatters on the floor. The camera cuts to a close up of his face showing a shocked expression, afterwards the camera pans out and we can see that Cornelius' usual snow white fur has been dyed with red. Hack3r runs to his rabbit friend, picks him up and coddles him in his arms. The brit kicks open the door of his locker room and runs out into the corridor. As he runs he's heard shouting "Is there a vet anywhere around? Does anyone know where I can find a vet?". Finally Hack3r runs into an ATW technician.

Hack3r: Oh my god. Thank the lord I've found someone. D'you know where I can find a vet? I think Cornelius has been hurt!

The technician nonchalantly raises his hand to his chin and begins to scratch it as if he's thinking.

Hack3r: You could hurry up you know! It's not like my best friend is possibly on the verge of death or anything. You just take your time.

The technician pulls a face at Hack3r.

Technician: There's no need to be like that. I don't know of any vets but as it so happens I've hearc there's a new guy around here who used to be a doctor. He could maybe help you?

Hack3r's face lights up.

Hack3r: That'd be amazing! Where's his locker room?

The technician raises his arms and points down the corridor towards the direction Hack3r had came. The british guy turns and sprints as fast as he can back down the corridor as the camera fades to black.

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2 PART 2 on Fri May 13, 2011 2:48 pm


The Doctor Of Thuganomics is sitting on his dark leather couch with red blood stains and is drinking a cup of coffee then all of a sudden a loud slam is heard through out the room

Hack3r: i heard your a vet... could you help me wi..
The Doctor Of Thuganomics interupts Hack3r

The Doctor Of Thuganmoics: WAIT! you think i'm a VET!?!? Haha you must be joking
Hack3r: umm no im not... the technician down the hall told me that your a vet and could help me with my best friend.
The Doctor Of Thuganomics chuckles

The Doctor Of Thuganmomics: Haha where is this so called technician? Huh?
Hack3r: he should be down the hall.
The Doctor Of Thuganomics grabs his singapore cane then walks down the hall towards the technician while Hack3r follows behind

The Doctor Of Thuganomics: So your the one who said im a vet huh? well let me get this straight... i never liked animals and i never WILL!

Technician: im sure your not bud now go on and help little Hack3r and his little friend out like a good ol' vetenarian.
The Doctor Of Thuganomics looks behind him towards Hack3r who is stroking his little friend

The Doctor Of Thuganomics: HAHAHA you really think im going to help that? HAHAHA. But listen here bud... If you EVER disrespect me... you are in for one HECK OF A FIGHT!

The Doctor Of Thuganomics starts walking off

Technician: Doc, i bet you're not even a real doctor... i bet your a FRAUD!

The Doctor Of Thuganomics stops walkingthen turns around

The Doctor Of Thuganomics: You Woke The Wrong Dog
Hack3r: imma just... uh? Go look for someone else
The Hack3r runs off with cornelius

The Doctor Of Thuganomics runs towards the Technician and walks him in the stomach with the singapore cane then starts beating him up

The Doctor Of Thuganomics: THUG IT!
The camera fades with The Doctor Of Thuganomics standing over the body of the Technician

3 Re: Cornelius is a little bit ill :/ on Fri May 13, 2011 2:57 pm

I'll let this one slide but in the future you really shouldn't godmod people. It's bad manners. By that I mean you shouldn't control other people's characters. You did alright with my guy but you should try not to do it in the future.

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4 Re: Cornelius is a little bit ill :/ on Fri May 13, 2011 3:00 pm


oh ok my bad... sorry but i couldn't think o anything that wouldnt involve your character... besides i did think it was fair to use you in this seen as you were in the 1st part and went running to my lockeroom Razz

5 Re: Cornelius is a little bit ill :/ on Fri May 13, 2011 3:10 pm

Honestly it's fine. You used my guy quite well. As I said on chat it's just a habit you should try to avoid. No worries though Very Happy

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6 Re: Cornelius is a little bit ill :/ on Fri May 13, 2011 3:40 pm


ok then Smile is there any other RP's u want me to do?

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