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1AATO PROMO Empty AATO PROMO on Tue Mar 01, 2011 6:12 am


The camera shows the arena filled with the fans waiting for another match but out of nowhere the giant screen shows a war scene in a beach, a man running avoiding bullets with a machine gun in his hand wearing a a black shirt and a camouflage pants, the man can be recognized as Arctic Terror. A bomb explodes near to him sending him flying to a hole.

Arctic Terror: MAN, THAT WAS CLOSE!

He grabs the radio and start talking as with the other hand starts using his binoculars.

Arctic Terror: Voltz, I.m one hundred meters away from the base, I can see the enemies from here in the left tower there are four snipers they look like twins but in a four way! I repeat! They are like fourtwins!

Voltzandre voice can be heard from the radio.

Voltzandre: Roger that Arctic! What about the right one?

Arctic Terror: Roger?! Who the heck is Roger?!

A dacepalm can be heard from the radio that Arctic Holds.

Voltzandre: Nevermind! Just tell me about the right tower!

Arctic Terror: There is a very creepy guy. we have to reach the top of that tower, it has a flag that says Darkness!

The scene changes to where Voltzandre is. He is wearing some camouflages pants without shirt and a black strip in his forehead then he talks to the radio.

Voltzandre: Ok, now you have to get your ass here. Supermy will cover you!

Voltzandre screams to Supermy that is in the top of the base.

Voltzandre: Supermy! Blow the left tower!

Supermy is in the top of the tower. grabs a rocket launcher and aims towards the left tower.

Supermy: Kaboom!

Supermy shoots blowing the left tower as Arctic Terror stands up and runs to the base. One of the snipers flies away and lands near to the base. Arctic Terror before entering to the base looks at the sniper and the camera shows the sniper too. The man is a toy dressed like a Paladin and Arctic start talking to him.

Arctic Terror: Ha! You will be our prisoner!

Arctic Terror lifts the lifeless toy and take it to the base and sits him in a chair.

Voltzandre: Supermy come down we have a prisoner.

Supermy comes down, and the three of them stands in front of the toy. Voltzandre starts screaming at the toy.


Supermy take the toys foot with his hands and grabs his pinky with his right hands twisting it softly.

Voltzandre: So you are not going to talk huh?!

Supermy start twisting it harder as Voltzandre put his ear near to the toys mouth.

Voltzandre: What You saying?! There are some giant stairs? Ha! You have been useful, now, Arctic Terror come with me!!

Voltzandre and Arctic Terror leaves but Arctic Terror goes inside and talks.

Arctic Terror: Finish Him!

Supermy rips the pinky out of the toy's foot as Voltzandre and Arctic Terror goes running towards the tower. Both reach the tower as Voltzandre stares at the stairs.

Voltzandre: Man, We are never going to reach it.

Arctic Terror: Voltz but we can..

Voltzandre interrupta Arctic Terror

Voltzandre: No time for giving up! Now Up!

Voltzandre starts running upstairs as Arctic Terror finish what he was going to say.

Arctic Terror: We could go up in the elevator... Nevermind.

5 hours later

Voltzandre is crawling up the last of the stairs without air in his lungs.

Voltzandre: Damn... Damn... I hate... those stairs...

Artic Terror is in the floor taking a nap with a mini teddy bear.

Voltzandre: Dude... What the ... Heck ... How you... got so fast... in here.

Arctic Terror: Elevator

Arctic Terror points the elevator as Voltzandre facepalms.

Voltzandre: Ok, It's time to get in!

Arctic Terror kicks the door down. The room is completely dark but a candle can be seen from outside and a voice can be heard.

Fake Girly Voice: Come in and you shall see Darkness.

Voltzandre: See Darkness?What the heck?

Arctic Terror turns on the light and another lifelss toy is sat in front of the candle dressed like Wolvian.

Fake Girly Voice: Im Folvian and Im the prince of Darkness!! ALL ABOARD! HA HA HA!

"Crazy Train" riff can be heard as Voltzandre and Arctic Terror try to find where the music is coming from.

Voltzandre: Surrender Folvian! This is your end!

Fake Girly Voice: Never cause I'm Folvian, the prince of darkness! ALL ABOARD!

Once again the music start playing.

Voltzandre: Cut it off the light is on ! Game over Folvian!

Arctic Terror grabs his machine gun and aim to "Folvian".

Arctic Terror: Say Hello to my little friend!

A cat appears and attacks "Folvian".

Arctic Terror: Kill him little friend!

Fake Girly Voice: Noooo! I'm alergic to cats.

The toy falls to the floor.

Voltzandre: Ha! We did it! Arctic Terror we won!

Arctic Terror accidently put his radio on.

Arctic Terror: We should blow this place!

Supermy voice can be heard from the radio.

Supermy:Got that!

Voltzandre:Wait, what?

The giant screen goes black showing the credits and at last "THE END"

2AATO PROMO Empty Re: AATO PROMO on Wed Mar 02, 2011 11:34 pm


this rp shall be put in proto 2 or i will be mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad

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