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AATO Business

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1 AATO Business on Tue May 31, 2011 10:13 pm

The camera shows the A.A.T.O. locker room where the three members are inside talking while they're playing pool.

Arctic Terror: Relax Super, It's not that big a deal. You're just going to have a match. It's not like you have to be friends with Caj!

Super grabs the white ball and throws it to Voltzandre who is busy drinking a Jager Bomb, but before making contact with Voltzandre's face he catches it with his hand.

Voltzandre: Bad Super! You have to relax. If you don't want to be his partner you are free to kick his ass in the second half of the match!

Super: Hummm, That's a pretty good idea!

Arctic Terror grabs some pool balls and put them inside the holes while Super is distracted.

Arctic Terror: anyways Voltzandre tonight you will "face" Wolvian again, do you think he is going to appear?
and can you give the ball back please?

Voltzandre throws the ball on the table and stands up.

Voltzandre: Last show when he did not appear for the match he gave me the idea that he feels weak and is afraid to be destroyed in front of everyone out there, but tonight he has the chance to start taking back his title, so Im pretty sure that he is coming back but still I am going to kick some dog ass today.

Super looks at the table with a confused look, He start examinating the table carefully.

Arctic Terror: What about those Mafia guys that said we are childish? Im not childish no, no, no, no, no, no, no, Im not childish!

Voltzandre: Let them say everything they want. When they find themselves sleeping with the fishes we are going to be laughing!

Super gets mad and lifts the Pool table and screams with anger.

Arctic Terror: Oh gosh! There is no way of cheating this guy!

The camera fades to black as the giant man throws the table to the wall.

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