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Building AATO again !

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1 Building AATO again ! on Mon Dec 27, 2010 5:26 am

The Camera shows Voltzandre walking in the backstage wearing his balck jeans and a shirt that says "A.A.T.O. is Getting this party Started" , He has another shirt in his hands. He enters to the man's bathroom

Voltzandre: I know you are here !!

He starts searching for someone in the Bathroom

Voltzandre: Dont try to hide !!

He search in the toilets kicking the doors one by one, and finally when he is in the last one he kicks it

Voltzandre: AHA !!!...

He scratch his head as he sees that no one is in there and Arctic Terror enters to the bathroom

Arctic Terror: Hey Voltz it seems destiny is keeping A.A.T.O. together once again

Voltzandre: Yeah it seems we are going to be destroying some things here in ATW

Arctic Terror: Yeah yeah Happy times coming

Voltzandre laughs as he walk towards the exit

Voltzandre: well this is looking queer im outta here Artic

Arctic Terror walks to the toilet

Arctic Terror: Yeah, Out of here Voltz

the camera fades to black

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