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80's Rom-Com OR Teen Wolf Too

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180's Rom-Com OR Teen Wolf Too Empty 80's Rom-Com OR Teen Wolf Too on Thu Mar 12, 2015 9:36 am


The scene opens backstage in Alexander Ritter’s locker room, where Alice Liddell is waiting for him to get out of the dressing room.

Alice Liddell:  What’s taking so long?  You’ve been in there forever!

Ritter steps out of the dressing room wearing a Varsity Jacket and tossing a football.

Alice Liddell:  What in the actual @(#$*^#?!?

Ritter:  Check it out, I’ve got this great idea for when me and Charity Devine team up.

Alice Liddell:  But you’re fighting each other this week.

Ritter: So?  Not all wrestling matches are “grrrr I hate your guts!  I’ma going to kill you and eat your kids!”  We’re going to go out there, shake hands, and like totally have an awesome fun time while giving the fans a hell of a fun match to watch.

Alice Liddell:  So what’s with the high school quarterback get-up?

Ritter:  Dude, our tag team name is going to be 80’s Rom-Com!

Alice Liddell:  The hell it is.  I feel like I need to tell you this is career suicide.

Ritter:  No, trust me.  I got this figured out.  I’m a struggling student in a school with a really bad sports team and a inept coach.  I can’t get Charity’s attention, but then because of my lycanthropy I lead that team to success and Charity notices me and wants to be my tag team partner and t..

Alice Liddell:  That’s the plot to Teen Wolf!!!

Ritter:  Oh.. right.. well I think this all star varsity athlete gimmick would go good with a vally girl..

Alice Liddell:  This isn’t one of those things where you’re going to just keep trying out different gimmicks, is it?

Ritter:  Well..

Alice Liddell:  Like that time you went full out Cyber Goth?  Or then the next week you were a freestyle rapper?  Then after that you combined the two and was a freestyle Cyber Goth rapper?

Ritter:  Yeah, but..

Alice Liddell:  And then you did that whole thing where you were obsessed with video games and used the Nintendo Power Glove and all kinds of 8-Bit references?

Ritter:  Yeah, but that was fun, and this will be fun to!

Alice Liddell:  I kinda thought we agreed we were going to do a darker gimmick.  You know, you were going to have dark guyliner, you were going to be dirty with heavy metal shirts, you were going to have leather collars and bracelets with spikes and then I was going to led you down to the ring with a chain..

Ritter:  Yeah, we were going to do the dark and serious gimmick.. but I like this better!  Grim and gritty doesn’t always equal deep and interesting.  Right now I just want to have some fun and entertain people.

Alice Liddell:  But.. But.. I brought my best latex costume and longest high heels!  Now what am *I* going to do!

Ritter:  Well, if I’m doing the varsity jock thing, you can straight up be a cheerleader for us!

Alice Liddell:  No.  Oh hell no.  I’m not going to be a cheerleader for her.

Ritter:  Please?

Alice Liddell:  Nope.

Ritter:  Give me an F!

Alice Liddell:  Oh yeah, I’ll do that.

Ritter:  Give me a U!  

Alice Liddell:  Just what I was thinking.

Ritter: Give me an N!  Come on, lighten up!  Let do something different this time!  Come on, come have fun with me!  Please?

Alice Liddell:  Well.. alright..

Ritter:  YES!!!

Ritter jumps up with his fist in the air and the scene freeze frames as “Don’t you forget about me” starts to play.  Credits roll on the screen and it fades to black.  While the song still plays and the credits roll, pictures of several ATW stars are show, with captions for each one.

Hey, hey, hey, hey
Ooh, oh

“Alexander Ritter” – Tore both his ACLs in his match with Charity Devine, never wrestled again.

Won't you come see about me?
I'll be alone, dancing you know it baby
Tell me your troubles and doubts
Giving me everything inside and out and

“Charity Devine” – Went on to win the ATW Tag Team Titles with Alice Liddell and held them for a record three years.  She eventually became a thirteen time Tag Team Champion, last holding the titles with her daughter, Faith Ritter.

Love's strange so real in the dark
Think of the tender things that we were working on
Slow change may pull us apart
When the light gets into your heart, baby

“Jacob Aster” – Won the ATW World Title, and went on to unify that title with every other title in the world becoming the undisputed ATWGOWMDOHEW Unified Champion and only defending his title on the moon.

Don't you, forget about me
Don't, don't, don't, don't
Don't you, forget about me

“Madam Snapshot” - Opened a dojo.  But her ambitions will not rest until she achieves perfection..

Will you stand above me?
Look my way, never love me
Rain keeps falling, rain keeps falling
Down, down, down

“Blake Lawson” – Retired from Wrestling and became the most successful real-estate agent in Antarctica.

Don't you forget about me
I'll be alone, dancing you know it baby
Going to take you apart
I'll put us back together at heart, baby

“White Paprika” – Became rich as an honest legitimate businessman in the importing and exporting business.

Don't you, forget about me
Don't, don't, don't, don't
Don't you, forget about me
I say
La la la
When you walk on by
And you call my name

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Blake Lawson

Blake Lawson: Selling Igloos to Penguins since 1988.

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