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The First ATW Wolf's Den

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1The First ATW Wolf's Den Empty The First ATW Wolf's Den on Thu Jun 28, 2012 11:28 pm


The light’s in the arena go low and change to green. Smoke begins to pour out of the entrance and fill the arena. Metalica's " Of Wolf And Man" begins to play over the arena speakers. The crowd rises to there feet and begins to chant Wolvian over and over. A thunderous explosion of Green and Silver pyrotechnics begins to shoot up all over the entranceway. Wolvian stands at the base of the entrance were he throws up his arms out straight and looks down toward the ramp and into the ring with an evilish grin on his face. Wolvian slowly walks down the ramp as more pyrotechnics shoot down on both sides of the ramp and stop at the ring. He walks over to a lucky kid in the front row and gives him his sunglasses. Then he turns and slides into the ring and stands in front of the Wolf's Den set. Wolvian bows his head and lightning strikes the four corner posts. The music stops as Wolvian puts a microphone up to his mouth.

Wolvian: Ladies And Gentelmen.... Fans of everything Extreme and Chaotic...

The Fans begin to pop louder and louder.

Wolvian: The ATW Proudly present to you the original and greatest talk show ever created.....

The Fans start chanting Wolvian.... Wolvian..... Wolvian........

The First ATW Wolf's Den WOLFDEN-1

Wolvian: Welcome to the Wolf's Den! And here is your host The Legandary King Of Chaos Himself... Wolvian!

A deffaning thundours applaouse sweeps through the arena. Wolvian Walks over to the chair and stands in front of it.

Wolvian: Hello ATW fans! Tonight Is the first time in a long time The Wolf's Den has been around and the first time to ever air in ATW. But It will hopefully not be the last. So in the spirit of my return, And the return of the Wolf's Den. I have chosen a guest from the roster that will be a fitting first choice.

Wolvian turns towards the entrance ramp awaiting his guest. He waits for a few seconds then turns back to the camera.

Wolvian: Opps sorry, My guest is already in the ring.... Yup you guessed it. I am the first guest of the return of the Wolf's Den. Since I know there is a lot of burning questions out there you the Fans have for me!

Wolvian walks over and sits in his chair confortably.

Wolvian: Last time I was here in the ATW I had lost my soul and was engulfed with the my Darkest Desires of Destruction. I went on a rampage of total Chaos no matter who I Destroyed. I had a few python burgers and a few camera men taken away to the depths of the earth it self. But things have changed, I have not only regained my soul, But I have also regained a new goal in life. That goal is to wipe out all darkness from around the world.

Wolvian stands up and walks ito the middle of the ring.

Wolvian: Now in the past I have fought for you the fans. I have never cared about titles or trophies. And that has not changed. But what has changed is that I will do what ever it takes to wipe out the evil in the world... No the entire Universe! If that means taking it the darkest of the dark in the shadows, or in the ring. No one will stand in my way! And I do mean NO BODY!

The crowd rises to there feet and begins to clap and chant Wolvian..... Wolvian.... Wolvian....

Wolvian: Now if there is any one of those minions of the dark or any thing out there that doesnt like what they have heard to night..... Well then just remember one thing.

Wolvian steps toward the camera and looks deep into it.

Wolvian: I.... AM...... THE.... KING.... OF .... CHAOS!!!!

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