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T-Wolf's Bio

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1T-Wolf's Bio Empty T-Wolf's Bio on Sat May 26, 2012 9:50 pm


Wrestlers Name

Wreslters Nick Name
The King of Chaos
Or The Spirit of the Wolf

Wrestlers Level 31
Wrestlers Type Tech
Wrestlers Height 6 Foot 6 Inches
Wrestlers Weight 236 Lbs
Wrestlers Age 32
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Green
Face or Heel Face


The Lunar Howl
Level 74
Damage 1488,42-4463,29
Wolvian stands behind his opponent and underhooks both arms Then he pulls them upward tightly Lifting his opponent off the ground starts to howl as he shakes him violently executing a The Lunar Howl

The Crucifixion
Level 64
Damage 2025.95 - 8101
Wolvian lifts the opponent on to his back stretching him out to look like hes being crusified
then runs tossing him over my shoulders neck first on to the ring post executing a The Crucifixion


Howling Thunder
Level 85
Damage 13,75 - 220

Howling Echo's
(Mutiple German Suplex)
Level 59
Damage 98,5 - 620,55

The Angel's Wing's
(Frog Splash)
Level 54
Damage 154,7 - 427,7


Chaotic Howl
Level 71

Wolvian Cups Hands Around His Mouth Then Leans Back And Howls Toward The Rafters executing a Chaotic Howl.

Marked For Crucifixion
Level 61
Wolvian Throws His Arms Out Like A Cross And Bows His Head executing a Marked For Crucifixion.

Catch Phrase

Time for a bit of Chaos!
Hungry Like the Wolf! (LOL)

A bit about his past.

Thoedore has wrestled on the side of the siants and the side of the sinners. He has spread death and destruction all over the globe, and destroyed his own grandfather who was the morning star. He has fought Vampire's, Werewolves, Zombies, Cyborgs, Super Humans, Robots, Demons, and Angel's. And yet he is still alive to speak the tale. He now seeks to build up the next generation for the next chapter.

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Royce Wolvian was a one of the worlds greatest wrestlers. But he ignored his family all in the name of becoming the greatest. When he was wrestling for the World championship vs Sam Muchnick. Royce was about to win the match, but was shot in the chest by a mysterious man in the crowd that was never caught.

Royce Wolvian awoke in hell at the feet of the Morning star himself. He gave Royce a choice. To either become a soldier in his army or be thrown into the pit. Royce stood up and looked him the eye and said " Soldier, Bah make me a General!" The Morning Star laughed and sent Royce into service.

Royce fought in the arena to prove himself. Years had passed and Royce had become the greatest force in underworld. He had become the strongest soldier in hell. The Morning Star granted Royce a spot as General. At this time Royce began to learn the power of Dark Magic from the book of the Dead. He sought out a way to absorb the powerof the Morning star and take his place. The only way to absorb the power of the Morning star was with the sword of Gabriel and Michael.

Royce first challenged the Arch Angel Micheal. Royce faced Michael in the arena of the angels and quickly dispatched Michael with the Syth he had been given as the General of Darkness. Once Michael fell, Royce stepped up and picked up his sword. He then turned to Gabriel and smited him with it. Laughing he walked over and picked up Gabriels sword and combined them together to form the Sword of Chaos. He then left the arena of angels.

Royce walked into the throne room of the Morning star and aimed the sword of chaos at him. With in seconds the Morning star was ash on the floor. Royce had absorbed the power of the Morning star and in doing so became the New Morning Star. At this point he decided he would need soldiers that he could trust. Soldiers that he could mold. So he head to earth and stole his Grand Children and there friends. He brought them to hell and stored there souls in an orb that he placed in his throne room. As the souless soldiers stood they became dark beasts of what they once were. But only two became the most dangerous. His grandson Theodore Wolvian and his best friend Caliub Abernod Rowe. These two soldiers racked up thousands of kills in the arena's of Heaven and Hell. To reward these two soldiers he made them his personal Knights. He split the sword of Chaos back into two and gave the sword of Michael to Caliub and the sword of Gabriel to Theodore.

But all was not well. The orb that housed the souls of his dark soldiers was flawed. The soldiers could regain there soul if there heart was awaken. Wich is what happen to Theodore when he was on earth. He fell in love with a a woman he was sent to kill. His soul burned back into his body and the two ran away together. They tried to hide all over the earth. But soon Caliub found his Blood Brother of the Darkness. Theodore tried to awaken Caliub. Theodore and Caliub fought a savage fight over several days. But in the end Theodore Won. He didnt slay his friend. Instead he took the sword of Michael away from him and headed back to hell. When he arived though Royce was waiting. Theodore used the combined powers of the words to defeat Royce and destroy the orb. Wich in turn freed the souls and sent the soldiers back home with no memory of were they had been or what they had done. All that is except Caliub, and Theodore. When Theodore asked why Caliub was uneffected? Royce replied that Caliub sold his soul long ago to him. Theodore turned and left Royce defeated. He took the twin swords and hid them someplace that Royce could never get them.

Theodore headed back to earth and began to try to atone for his great evil deeds. He did his best until Caliub once again resurfaced and killed Theodore's beloved. He the recaptured Theodore's soul again in a orb that he hid.

When Theodore once again became his evil self he went in search for power to replace his grandfather. As when he was a child he had heard the story of the four horsemen.

Long ago there were four chosen angels to be guardians. Each guarded a key to the gates of the Apocolypse. With in each gate is the power of one of the original four horse men. Wolvian went in search of these four gates.

The first he found was in London, England. Guardeding this gate was an Angel named Sage. Wolvian defeated him and stole his sole. As he looked upon the fallen angel laying there. He deiced to turn the Angel into his own personal slave. So Wolvian cast a spell turning Sage into Sage Paladin. The eyes of the Angel burned out and turned into voids empty and black. Staring into them is like staring into the face of a blackhole. Wolvian then stepped up to the Paladin and pulled out his sword. He cut the Paladins throat with his Sythe. Wolvian then turned his attion on the gate. He used the key that he won off the Paladin and stepped into the Gate. He was granted the power of the Horsemen Conquest. The power was instiled into a White stone.

Wolvian then shatered the gate and left for the second. The second Gate was in Egypt. Wolvian met the Guardian Angel named Obsidian. Obsidian was defeated and easly turned into a Paladin to serve Wolvian. Wolvian even made sure to cut Obsidians throat as well. He then stepped into the Gate. There he was granted the power of the horsemen of War. The power was then instiled into a Red stone. As he left the gate it shattered into a billion pieces of reflected liquid.

With the two gems he was able to find the third gate in Japan. Guardian Angel Sapphire stood waiting with a katana in hand. Wolvian laughed but quickly was met with the a strike of lightning and the sound of thunder. The battle waged on for three days before Wolvian was able to defeat Sapphire. After turning Sapphire to one of his Paladins. He picked up the mighty blade that he caried and merged it with his own sword of Chaos. He then stepped into the third gate were he was granted the power of the horsemen of Famine. The power was instilled into a Black stone. Once again as he stepped away from the the gate it shattered into a reflected liquid. He now only had one more gate to go.

Wolvian arived back in hell were he called upon Death it self and challenged him to battle. Death showed up and the battle insued. They fought hard and long all over the arena of hell. But in the end Wolvian stood over the body of Death himself. Wolvian turned the Sword of Chaos at Death and struck him down. He was then granted the power of the Horsemen Death. The power was instilled into a Green stone.

Wolvian then took the four stones and placed them infront of his grandfather. Royce stood up and placed a spell on the four gems wich combined them into an energy orb. Royce then spoke telling Wolvian. That the orb would take time to be ready for the next part of there plan. That soon Wolvian will ascend to become something even more powerful than he once was. But until then he must head to earth and bring them into the Darkness.

Wich he did with the aid of a Vampire Lord, and Caliub. The three men burned the earth to its core reigning death, Destruction, And pain upon all that got into there way.

But Caliub made a giant mistake. He got careless and let it slip to Theodore were his orb was held. So Theodore found the orb. But before he decided to break it he realized that he had to do one last thing. He found Caliub and his old army and destroyed them all. He then smashed the Orb and regained his soul. After he awoke and realized all he had done. Theodore grabed the swords, the gems, and the remains of his old friend and hid them away for no one to ever find them. He then began to hid him self away from the world to atone for what he did.

One day he will forgive himself, But until the darkness and all that worship at its alter better watch out... For the hero of the light has returned.

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songs I have used through out my wrestling career.

As Wolf (minion of Inferno)
Duran Duran "Hungry Like the Wolf"

As T-Wolf
Metallica "Of Wolf And Man"

As Theodore Wolvian
Oleander " Are You There"

As T-Wolf (Agent of Light Stable)
Freedom Call " Warriors"

As T-Wolf (Kings Of Chaos Stable)
AFI "Prelude 12/21"

As T-Wolf (Leader of the stable DARKNESS)
Aiden " Cry Little Sister"

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Stables I have been envolved in.

John Vincent

John Vincent
Ryan Vincent

Zip Logan

Zip Logan
Sheldon the Prophit Thiesen

Gunnar Hammarskjold
Chris "Action" Jackson
CJ Aussie
Chip Johns
Shawn Vincent
Tiffany Lilly Oleander Wolvian

Gunnar Hammarskjold
Lance Maverick
Morgan Blackwind
Phenom The Vampire Lord
Tiffany Lilly Oleander Wolvian

Phenom The Vampire Lord
Executioner Of Anarchy
Saphire Paladin
Cobalt Paladin
Emerald Paladin
Obsidian Paladin

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T-Wolf's Bio WOLFDEN-1

6T-Wolf's Bio Empty Re: T-Wolf's Bio on Wed Jul 18, 2012 9:57 pm


On A personal Note. This is just some of the shit i have on dvd in real life. This just goes to show you have watched to much tv in my life. (LOL)

The Adventures of Aquaman
Bionic Woman(2007)
Birds Of Prey
Blue Thunder
Brisco County Jr
The Crow Stairway to Heaven
DC Comics Super Heroes
Dungeons & Dragons
The Flash
Fraggle Rock Cartoon
Galaxey High School
Challenge of the Go Bots
Keen Eddie
The New Adventures Of He Man
Super Friends the Legendary Super Powers Show(84-85)[8]
The Super Powers Team Galactic Guardians(85-85)[9]
Bionic Six
Challenge of the Super Friends(78-79)[3]
Dead Like Me
He Man and the Masters Of the Universe(2002)
He Man and the Masters Of the Universe(1983)
The Magnificent Seven
She Ra
Shirt Tales
The New WKRP In Cincinnati
Forever Knight
G I Joe(89-91)
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
Due South
Knight Rider
The Pretender
Transformers Gen 1
WKRP in Cincinnati
Miami Vice
The Commish
Teen Titans
21 Jump Street
Hogans Heroes
Dukes Of Hazard
Magnum P I
Red Dwarf

Mind you this is just the tv series that I have completed. I have obviously watched a lot more tv then this. And will continue to do so! (I am a tv Zombie and I know it. The first step is to addimit I have a problem.[lol])

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