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War Wolf bio

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1 War Wolf bio on Wed Jun 29, 2011 6:46 am

Name: War Wolf

Nicknames: The Howling Star, Meaning of Fear, and The (self-proclaimed) Most Awesomenest Superstar The Fed Has To Offer; The "A" Factor

Weight: 235lbs

Height: 6'2"


Class: Strength

From: Wolf Creek, Australia, now residing in Detroit, Michigan, USA

Alignment: Tweener

Trademarks: Claw of Duty (mod. Samoan drop), Blood Bound (mod. DDT), Deadly Dive (Mod. Diving Big Boot)

Finishers: Scare Tactic, Full Moon Howl, Fear of the Fangs

Taunts: Howl into the Night, No Pake For You, I Am the Howling Star War Wolf

Weapon of Choice: Lead Pipe



Theme Music: "Miracle" by Nonpoint

Entrance: (not TWG) It shows a close up on War Wolf's entrance video as his theme song, along with a loud howl, blasts from the speakers. The camera then shows the stage and War Wolf comes out slowly from the backstage area, taunting and howling, getting the audience hyped. He then walks down the ramp chanting things and taunting. He then walks up the steps, and climbs the turnbucle, and just as the chorus of the song comes on, he looks up and lets out a howl. Then he gets in the ring, taunts, climbs the turnbucles and poses.

Gimmick: War Wolf is an extremely jocular and arrogant person that finds himself better than everyone else. War Wolf also has an anger problem and loves to get "even" with people. He also loves Pake (Pie-Cake Fusion) and will hurt anyone for it.

Fighting Style: War Wolf fights like a vicious showman, taunting whenever possible. He taunts a lot, and uses fear, or as he calls it, a Scare Tactic, to defeat his opponent.


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2 Re: War Wolf bio on Wed Jun 29, 2011 1:35 pm

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