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The Future Is Here

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1 The Future Is Here on Sun Jun 12, 2011 6:20 am


Suddenly a video plays as MotorCity plays through the arena, suddenly behind the curtains emerges "The Future" Chris Sabin. He has his eyebrows furrowed, contorted in confusion, looking at some of the fans. If one could read lips, they would see that Chris was saying "what the [censored]" Yeah. His face then gets smug, a little smirk appearing on his face as he walks down the ramp, microphone in hand. His theme fades away as he begins talking on the mic.[/i]

Chris Sabin: Ehat's up ATW arena? I am Chris Sabin but I think you already knew that, I am sorta new to ATW and I thought I would come out here and just describe the people I have to work with, firstly Phenom, he is some kid thinking he could be a vampire and chair shots everyone who gets in his way, sounds sort of like Kevin Thorn if you ask me, and the feud with Dejiam and Anthrax who won that? I think it was Defjam or something like that, just some wanna be power hungry [censored] if you ask me. Now who else is there? Um oh yeah Bone Head the guy who I am fighting in my debut. What a [censored]! I mean if you're going to make an impact at least let people know why you are making the impact in the first place. Hacker, what's with him? Is he someone like emo slash a wannabe Justin Bieber? Not that impressive if you ask me!

The fan burst into cheer for the jokes that Chris Sabin is now saying, He starts climbing up the steel steps, his smug attitude still on. But, then it turns serious. Kind of worried, too. He looks around the arena, at the fans. He points to the left, and asks something, but not into the mic. He then turns to the right, and does the same. Alex then lets out a deep sigh and looks up at center of the ring, after staring at the ground for a few seconds.

Chris Sabin: so I am the one who is going to have to say it, me, no one else, fine, ladies and gentleman, children of all ages. Please let me welcome you to the one, the only, the boring show of the world that's right I have just been informed that there is meant to be a match now. Well sorry to waste your time but I am out here to celebrate me being in a federation, oh, how rude of me I never properly introduced my self. I am the future champion so give me some freaking time. Now as I was saying I am going to win the title, not maybe but WILL win the title because I have got something the guys in the back haven't and that is talent, skill and the ability to put your body on the line day in and day out just to please the fans and win match because there are only three things I care about. One is my family, two are my fans and three is winning championships. The rest is history, now before I continue to have fun I would like to announce something, firstly Bone Head please brush your teeth they're bright yellow and secondly everyone in the back WATCH OUT because I am coming for you.

MotorCity plays again as Chris Sabin exits the ring and slaps the hand of the fans as he walks back up the ramp, he stops at the tip of the ramp and puts both his thumbs over his neck and quickly moves his arms so that they are in a V shape , Chris walks backstage as the camera fades out

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