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Future Top Wolf

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1 Future Top Wolf on Mon Aug 01, 2011 12:19 am

War Wolf is seen backstage. He is pacing back and forth. He then stops and stares into the camera.
WW: In case you've been missing ATW, I'm War Wolf. As of now I'm 2-0. First, I wiped the the floor with Executioner of Anarchy. Then, I beat the Synthetic Breed Champion, Travis Touchdown in a non-title match. Now I have to fight...Executioner of Anarchy once again. Moreover, I don't have a match in the pay-per-view. I could get extremely mad...
War Wolf walks over to a table in the hallway and then tips it over and begins to smash at the table with a chair. He then stops and looks back at the camera.
WW:....and start breaking stuff like I normally would, but I don't see a point in doing that. So I will go with option B, which is continue to dominate and prove that I'm the future top, top WOLF of this federation.
War Wolf howls, and then looks back at the camera, winks and says "ding", imitating the sound effect, and then walks away.

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