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Like I said...I'm The future!

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1 Like I said...I'm The future! on Wed Jun 15, 2011 11:32 pm

The camera view shows the backstage parking lot as we see a limousine arriving in the arena. Loud sounds of music is playing in the inside the car and it comes to a halt. A chauffeur opens the door, climbs out of the limo and walks to the other side as he opens the door, the camera takes a shot of black boots and out of the car descends Vivica Lockhart.

Cameraman: Excuse me, are you ready for tonight Lockhart?

VL: From all the cameramen here in the business, they send here this pervert? But besides that you have no sense of fashion, I am ready for the match tonight. Naven is going learn that he is nothing without me and that I can rise to the top all by myself!

Vivica takes her sports bag from the chauffeur and with one swift move she hits him with an elbow to the head. The chauffeur falls to the ground knocked out.

Cameraman: Why did you do that!?

VL: Don't like people touching my stuff without permission! and if Naven is watching? You see that? That's just a taste of what I got in store for you tonight! Because no matter who you are or what you do?[/center]

Vivica kicks the cameraman in the groin area he falls to the ground with the camera looking up at Vivica.

VL: Vivica Lockhart is better...than...YOU...CHA!!

Vivica smiles at the camera then continue her way down towards the entrance door as the camera fades out.

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