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Ghetto laid out ????

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1 Ghetto laid out ???? on Thu Jun 02, 2011 2:59 pm

Camera fade in at the Mafia Medical center as doctors are rushing in to take care of the code blue they received coming from Ghetto Blaster's room

DR: What happened?

Nurse: His injuries are worst than we thought. That match was brutal on him!

DR: You know William needs him back up and running! patch him up and cover up the scars

Nurse: Yes sir we are already working on him as we speak.

Just as they wwere Ghetto is seen walking down the hall.

DR: What the hell? You're was supposed to be in bed?

Ghetto: You aren't paid to give me orders. Now I have business to take care of.

DR: Please let me help you?

Ghetto: I have business to take care of. You wasn't taken out on national TV. You wasn't beaten. I don't take stuff like this laying down.

DR: But...

Ghetto Punches the Dr and lays him on the floor then grabs a needle from the desk near by and stabs the Dr. He falls to the floor and Ghetto speaks again.

GB: I told you to leave me alone. Just say you've been fired now. You are at a hospital so you might live, if not nice working with you.

Ghetto take the doctor's car keys then walks out of shot as the camera fades to black.

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