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Ghetto trashs talks

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1 Ghetto trashs talks on Sat Jan 08, 2011 11:47 pm

Ghetto comes out with music blasting in the arena. Ghetto is trailed by 30 women dressed sexily following his every step. As they get closer to the ring the girls hold open the ropes for him as he steps in the ring another girls hands him a mic.

[color=blue]Ghetto: Lets see, now that you've seen what the Mafia can do. Are the boys in the back starting to get scared? are the champions holding on to the titles tight hoping that we don't target them? Tonight I see Max wanted some more of what he got last week. I see some punks never learn. For those who missed it I have the video cue up in the back play it.

A video from last week Fear Factory starts playing and video of tag match.

Ghetto Blaster lunges at his opponent hitting him with his back, connecting with devastating Pimp Slap! Ghetto Blaster while Max Cavalera's laying on the mat braces a foot on one leg of the opponent and grabs the other leg in both hands yanking the legs appart executing a light Wish Bone!Ghetto Blaster keeps his ruthless submission hold Ghetto Blaster keeps his ruthless submission hold Ghetto Blaster releases his grasp Max Cavalera pulls himself together and fights back Max Cavalera stares at the opponent in front of him Ghetto Blaster avoids an a Ear Slap and takes the initiative Ghetto Blaster draws back his arm rocking his body and hits the opponent's face with a light Big Punch!!
Ghetto Blaster turns and grabs the opponent neck and act like he going to hit the stunner but wait he jumps with a backflip and drives the opponent head into the mat executing MORTAL Ghetto Blaster!!
Ghetto Blaster tries a pinning maneuver
Referee starts counting...
SPARDA enters the ring hitting Ghetto Blaster and interrupting the 3 count while the referee is distracted!!

Now the camera cuts back to Ghetto in the ring.

Ghetto: Now you really want to step in the ring with me again? I had you beat 1,2,3. Sparda had to save you! But if you want to feel pain that badly see you tonight in the ring.

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