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The Search is On!!! Part 1

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1The Search is On!!! Part 1 Empty The Search is On!!! Part 1 on Sat Apr 16, 2011 7:24 pm


The camera focusses on the commentary team.

Ghost: Right now, we have a special treat for you fans. William Bergeron has been out on his spare days looking for Carter Bilodeau Sr. for Eternal Eclipse. Tonight, is the first part of a three part series.

Danielson: Wait a second, where is this coming from? I didn't know anything about this.

Ghost: William just told me and Phenom about this. Now shut up, the first tape is starting.

Date on Camera: Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The camera focusses on the titantron. DefJam and William Bergeron is sitting in a car outside of Lee Wang's parlor.

DefJam: Why are we just sitting here? Why can't we just go in there and kick some ass?

Will Bergeron: For one, we don't know even if he's in there. Now shhh.

DefJam: Wait isn't that him right there.

Will Bergeron: Grab this and let's go.

DefJam grabs a brick from William Bergeron. Will grabs a custom Mafia bat from the back seat. They both get out of the car, with the cameraman trailling behind. Carter Bilodeau Sr. gets into the limo. Followed by 4 of his security guards. Before the last three can get in. They get jumped by DefJam and Will Bergeron. One of them try to get into the limo, but Will shuts the door on his arm. The security in throbbing in pain on the ground. Before the car speeds off, William Bergeron plants a bug onto the limo. The two security guards are surrounding DefJam, when Will Bergeron from behind takes a swing at one of them knock him out. DefJam throws the brick at the final security guard. The guard is lying on the ground when both Will and DefJam perform a brick and bat shot to the head.

Will Bergeron: Let`s go before people realize what has happen here.

The two of them run into the car, with the cameraman jumping into the back. William Bergeron drives for bit and stops at a gas station.

Will Bergeron: Ok, now I will be able to find him no problem.

DefJam: What do you mean? We didn't see where they went.

Will Bergeron: Oh well, while those idoit security guards were paying attention to you. I planted a bug to the limo. Now, I will be able to track them down.

DefJam: Why don't we pay with these suckers.

William Bergeron: You read my mind. Let go and get ready for tomorrow's shows.

The camera fades and focusses back on the commentary team.

Danielson: Holy shit, what the hell was that. The Mafia is one hell of a crazy group.

Ghost: When you have $500,000 on the line. There is no limit to what you will do for it.

Danielson: But, almost murdering someone.

Ghost: William Bergeron told me that they will be ok. He hopes anyways.

Danielson: Well, let's move on to the next match or segment since am not aware of what's happening anymore.

Ghost: It's a match, it's on the paper in front of you.

The camera waits for the first competitor to come out.

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