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A new begining will start.....

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1 A new begining will start..... on Thu Jan 20, 2011 4:03 am

The camera fades in as "The Renegade" Naven X is outside the gym wrapping is wrists with tape and getting ready to train....

Cameraman: So are you ready for the PPV...

Naven X: Ready...Ready!!...Understand this cameraboy!..This our first PPV where everything will be change...some will be chosen and a few will be known...and they will all witness history in the making as the prophecy will be made...

Naven checks his wrists nad cracks his knuckles and open the door to the gym..

Naven X: So Im I ready...HA!!...waht do you think!!!

Naven slams the door in the cameraman's face...fade out

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