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Playing with Darkness

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1 Playing with Darkness on Mon Jan 10, 2011 4:28 am

"If You want Peace... Prepare for war" by Children of Boldom plays and all the arena is filled with huge mixed reaction and Voltzandre appear in the entrance wearing his black jeans and a black jacket , He walks down the ramp as some fans are booing and the others are screaming for the "Demon Killer". Voltzandre goes up in the ring ans stands in the top of a turnbuckle raising his arms then he goes down and ask for a mic

Voltzandre: Hello haters and lovers, I know all of you saw fear factory last week. Im sure you guys saw how A.A.T.O. entirely dominated those paladins punks

Voltzandre walks around the ring a little bit and he talks again

Voltzandre: And tonight Me and Arctic are going to take those paladins down. yeah I understand there are 4 of those guys and those punks work for darkness

As the fans hear darkness they start to boo softly

Voltzandre: I personally think that is going to be an interesting match and my demon killer sense tells me those paladins are going to brake the rules if they have to, but still I have some tricks too, just look

The lights go off and a moment later comes back, Voltzandre is no more in the ring but something is written in the ring with red paint "Lets get this party started"

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