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Darkness who ?!

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1 Darkness who ?! on Wed Dec 15, 2010 5:30 am

The camera shows Arctic Terror walking around backstage, he appears to be looking for someone. He enters a door that has the word "gym" on it and finds Voltzandre hitting a punchbag

Arctic Terror: Im glad you found something you can hit.

Voltzandre continues punching as he replies.

Voltzandre: what happened Arctic? I'm training, don't you see?

Arctic Terror : Did you see Wolvian and Phenom before in the ring talking with another guys about some Darkness and a lot of blah blah?

Voltzandre continues punching the bag as Arctic Terror crosses the room to a cooler, grabs a beer and opens it.

Voltzandre: Yeah, That guy Wolvian is going to form a stable and what a good way to have a stable, having your own boss as one of your druids? It's going to be kinda interesting dont you think Arctic ?

Arctic Terror takes a sip of the beer and he laughs.

Arctic Terror: I think we will need more people on our side too.

Voltzandre: Yeah , But take it easy. I have already investigated the whole fed and I think there are some guys that will help us out.

Arctic Terror stands up and throws the empty can of beer to the floor and he stomps it.

Voltzandre: Remember we are going for the tag titles too so we have to focus on the other tag teams mainly.

Arctic Terror: Ha! that will be no problem. Those titles are practicly our's.

Voltzandre: Hell yeah!

Arctic Terror : Ok then,
looks like this is going to be one hell of a party.

Voltzandre stops punching the bag and laughs.

Voltzandre : And we, Against All The Odds, are going to be the star attraction!

Arctic Terror leaves the place and Voltzandre starts punching the bag again, both of them have a big smile on their face's as the camera fades to black.

OOC: Edited, and can you keep the formatting down? It's going to be annoying to have to take out every single colouration you guys add.

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