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Darkness will strike

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1 Darkness will strike on Fri Jun 10, 2011 7:14 am


The camera is in the locker Room of Lycan who is packing up his luggage. Lycan packs up his luggage and starts to walk towards the parking lot area. Lycan gets near his car then opens the door, gets inside then starts the car. Lycan pulls out of his parking spot and begins to race down the length of the parking lot but suddenly the lights of the parking lot get turned off.
Lycan gets somewhat tensed up and turns on the head lights of his car. These lights begin to slowly flicker until they turn off completely. Lycan gets out of the car and kicks the tire.Lycan takes out a lighter from his pocket and lights it. He slowly turns his lighter towards camera but suddenly a Man dressed in dark clothes appears in front of Lycan. Lycan tries to watch the face of Dark Man but fails because of the darkness. The other man begins to talk in a deep, scary voice.
DarkMan: Hey Lycan... are you tensed?

Lycan: No

DarkMan: Lycan don't lie to me. I know you are tensed, don't be tensed Lycan. Next week I will combine your soul into my evil spirit.
Lycan: WHO ARE YOU !!?

DarkMan: Lycan. your naked eyes can't see my evil, My Darkness. So next week I will combine your soul into my evil spirit haha, I will meet you later Lycon...
Suddenly the lights of the parking lot turns on. Lycan looks all around him and he finds no one. Lycan shrugs then turns towards his car. That's when he hears scary music playing out from his car.
Lycan opens the car door and gets shocked after he sees a blood red quote written on his car seat that says
"Darkness will strike you". The camera zooms into the frightened face of Lycan as we go to commercial.

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