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Before my match plz

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1 Before my match plz on Wed Dec 29, 2010 6:02 pm


A new guy starts down the corridor, and almost walks into Pandora while trying to gain her attention. After walking in front of them and turning hastily she sees him and strikes up a conversation.

??? : Hello, I haven’t seen you around here before.

Pandora: Oh ok, I think the toilets are just down the hall,

???: Thanks for that, but Im a new guy here.

Pandora: I know I saw you come in this morning, I just though you had a bit of humor.

???: Your the interviewer right?

Pandora: Umm ok, how do you know that? But you want an interview?

???: Well duh, Its taken me 30 minutes to find you.

Pandora: Well let me freshen up and I’ll be right with you.

???: Thats fine, how long will you be?

Pandora: Give me about half an hour.

???: Oh I’ll get a few chairs then.

Pandora comes out of the Bathroom after about 20 minutes and is met by the person she has been talking to.

???: So, shall we get down to it?

Pandora: Down to ... Oh (blushes) the interview.

???: Um yeah, What else do you think?

Pandora: Never you mind. So let’s start with names. Who are you?

???: My name has been a mystery for you?

Pandora: Yes, that is why I’ve asked you.

???: Once again my fame has not exceeded me then, I am Callamsan, the submission specialist.

Pandora: THE Callamsan is that where I’ve seen you from? The underground fighter? I thought you’d died. After all, you were left in a heap on the floor.

Callamsan: (ashamed) You were there? But that was ten years ago. I’ve grown back to my former glory. I am back on top.

Pandora: Well I hope so, your partner for tonight is Baron, and he seems like a tough cookie so you should be set.

Callamsan: Is that supposed to be funny? Are you getting a giggle out of this? I don’t need a partner I am able and willing to be in singles competition. I mean, who am i facing? A woman and someone whose first name is wild. You make me laugh.

Pandora: Well I was joking so whatever. Our boss is Phenom so if you have problems then go work it out with him.

Callamsan: (stare into Pandoras eyes) that’s where I’ve seen you from. You used to be a show girl for the fights right?

Pandora: Lets take this into my locker room. I don’t want to talk about that out here.

Callamsan and Pandora race down the corridor with a cameraman chasing them. Callamsan turns quickly jumps and catches the cameraman with a kick in the head.

Callamsan: Tap or Snap!!

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