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Def-jam prepares for his Match

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1Def-jam prepares for his Match Empty Def-jam prepares for his Match on Tue Apr 12, 2011 5:14 am


-As the Camera spits into life, the Screen shows the door leading to Def-jams personal Training room. a Very loud banging is heard inside, which startles the backstage crew as they walk by.-

Def-jam: Not Good Enough! Gotta Try harder!

-After a few minutes the Cameraman has built up enough courage to try and go inside. He cracks the door enough for the lens to peak inside. He stands there speechless and stunned. Inside a Medium sized ring, filled with 8 evenly spaced dummy's, Def-jam springs from dummy to dummy unleashing devastating attacks to each. He finishes off One with a brutal Head kick leaving the dummy to fly out of the ring! He looks over to the Cameraman-

Def-Jam: Hey! Wanna see something cool?

Cameraman: -Hesitant- Y-Yea sure Def-jam.

-Def-jam smirks as he hops over the ropes and walks over to a machine next to a bench. he hits a few buttons and suddenly the dummy's spring to life! He then hops back into the ring and begins to go into a Back and forth brawl out with the dummy's!
He grips onto his Signature Lead pipe and begins to Devastate the Robot Dummies. after about 20 minutes, the robots are scattered around the room..some having live wires sticking out of them and others broken in half! Def-jam stands on the turnbuckle, bruised, bleeding, and smiling as if he has had the best time of his life!-

Def-jam: Now! Im Ready for my match tonight!
-he smiles as he walks past the cameraman out the door and down the hall as the camera fades to black-

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