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You have a match

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1 You have a match on Sun Oct 02, 2011 6:37 am

Camera fades in to the Mafia locker Ghetto working with his trainer planning out his move for the ladder match

Trainer: Are you seriously thinking about trying that move off of a ladder?

GB: If I have to yes this is not just any match I have a lot riding on this.

Trainer: Well with his knee injury it will be hard for him to climb the ladder. If you ask me you should have broken it.

GB: Thats why i'm the boss and you work for me. If i broken his leg the match would never happen and i'll never get my shot.

Just then someone from the ATW staff comes in.

Staff member: Ghetto you have a match tonight, its a tag match.

GB: Well ok since me and Eagle are banned from the tagging together which memeber of the Mafia im i tagging with?

Staff member: No one from your stable you are teaming with Adam.

Ghetto starts laughing.

GB: No Seriously now I know I told the GM i wanted to get my hands on him but this is a retard move.
( Ghetto looks at the camera ) but never the less I will have Adam back during the match I need my money. But at the PPV your belt will belong to the Mafia you can't climb a ladder with one leg see you in the ring and bring you walking sticks.

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