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Has the Storm Passed?

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OOC: It's just a bit of banter, Blek! Razz

It's a bright and sunny but bitterly cold January day in whichever city we find ourselves. The area we're in will be familiar to viewers of the now defunct Caged Evolution Wrestling and Proving Grounds. The streets are deserted, whether that's a result of the brass monkey weather or the fact that you're likely to get knifed in the face for tree fiddy is anyone's guess.

The mystery camera crew comes to a stop outside a near-derelict building, the one that houses the gym used by former CEW and PG wrestler, Adam Nedman. Upon entering, they see shouting at and questioning the parentage of a couple of young men. It would appear that Nedman has indeed hung up his boots and tights and started training the next generation of professional wrestlers. Obviously they are in kind and nurturing hands.

The session is interrupted by the wall phone ringing.  Nedman collects the handset and walks back over, making full use of the extremely long cord, to further demean his students.

Adam Nedman: "Hello."

Whoever sent this camera crew along clearly hasn't skimped on equipment as the microphone picks up the voice on the other end of the telephone line as clear as crystal, it's Nedman's mentor, Alf Nelson.

Alf Nelson: "How are those lads I sent you?"

Adam Nedman: "I have two words for you, old man.  Chocolate teapot."

Alf Nelson: "Ah, too bad.  Anyway, I showed all your paperwork to old Amos down at The Drunken Duck and the news is as you thought. If you want to continue competing, you have to do it with a promotion under the CEW banner, which means your only option is Underground."

Nedman sighs.

Alf Nelson: "It's not that bad. They've made some big signings in the last few months."

Adam Nedman: "It's not the people, Alf. I don't think I'd ever be able to take myself seriously again if I had to fight someone for the Snowglobe of Dreams."

Alf Nelson: "Aye, it does sound like they let an eight year old girl name their titles. So that leaves you with either retirement or..."

Adam Nedman: "Or what? I thought Underground or retirement were my only options."

Alf Nelson: "Contractually, they are, but according to old Amos, you could always buy your way out of the contract. But without a specific clause, you could be held to ransom."

Adam Nedman: "So I would need to find somebody with more money than sense..."

As if right on cue...

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Phenom The Vampire Lord

Phenom The Vampire Lord
???:"That's not a very nice way to be talking about your future employer now, is it Nedman?"

The view shifts to show Joseph Duplantier standing in the doorway, God knows how long he's been there.

Joseph:"Are you saying that someone who's built a money castle from scratch doesn't have the common sense to know a bad deal when he sees it?"

He walks over to where Nedman is standing with his mouth open and extends his hand for a handshake.

Joseph:"The name's Joseph Duplantier. I'm the man with the federation, the roster, the money and the common sense to make you an offer. Are you the man that I should be buying out of his contract, or should I be taking a look at these hungry young men?"

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Nedman looks this businessman up and down before tentatively but firmly shaking the man's hand.

Adam Nedman: "If there's a reason that these two useless specimens are hungry, it's because they couldn't find their mouths if they used both hands and a map."

The two young men seem to have finally enough of Nedman's tutelage as the get up and walk to the locker rooms.

Young Man: "We don't come here to be insulted."

Adam Nedman: "No? Where do you usually go?"

Nedman watches them head off before turning back to Duplantier.

Adam Nedman: "So, Mr Duplantier, if you think you have enough money in this castle of yours to free me from my contractual sticky situation, then we should talk.  What passes for an office is this way."

Nedman leads Duplantier off to cross the "I"s and dot the "T"s. Perhaps Nedman should have thought of even just asking the name of Duplantier's federation.

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