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Mad Dragon's Biography

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mad dragon

mad dragon
Name: Mad Dragon
Shortened Name: MD
Age: 25
Weight: 154 lbs
Height: 5'8''
Alignment: Tweener


Entrance: The Lights begin to flicker and eventually lose power for a few seconds. The lights return to show that Mad Dragon is waiting up in the ring for his opponent.


Personality: Mad Dragon is a Shy Introvert who likes to use his strength but dislikes when the harsh consequences of his strength reveal themselves. If pushed far enough however, he can quickly dispose of the obstacle in a calm and eery manner; meaning that he will retaliate in order to end the confrontation instead of attempting to escalate it.


Biography: Mad Dragon today is very different from the previous Mad Dragon. He is essentially a shell of his previous self. His past isn't well known by others but what is known is that there are records of him spending time in a mental institution.

Through years of Therapy, it is thought that he was completely able to shut out his anger. Commonly, if pushed, he will react negatively but will never let his anger get the better of him.

In many Wrestling Arenas across the World, He provided an interesting Contrast to most wrestlers who loved to shoot their mouths off and push others around. He quickly disposed of them.


Finisher: Air Raid Siren
Trademark: Half-Nelson FaceBuster
Taunt: Ultimate Sacrifice

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