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Ouz0 - A complete biography of a legend.

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1 Ouz0 - A complete biography of a legend. on Thu Feb 17, 2011 8:09 am

<<< Ouz0 >>>

In ring name: Ouz0
Real Name: Savvas
From: Cyprus
Age: unknown - the legends don’t have age (but he must be around 50)
Weight: 300 kilos and getting heavier
Height: 2 meters 10 cm
Class: Resistance
Education: He has no high school education, he managed to finsh only the elementary school!
Nicknames: The Drunk Bulldozer, The Mountain
Orientation: Unpredictable due to ouzo consumption, but always supportive to his friends
Trainer: He has no trainer .... but on his way to the ring he is most times accompanied by Drink Team, a group of friends and fanatic supporters (about 20 people) who keep him company during his extreme drinking habits. They are usually the ones who enter the ring and create trouble when the match doesn´t end up in favour of their idol!

Born and raised in the countryside of Cyprus, ouz0 is of a Greek-Cypriot origin. He had a very hard childhood. He never met his mother since she died during the birth. His father, a farmer, was killed by a raid of wild wolves, while ouz0 was only 13 years old.

That forced him to drop out of school and start finding ways of surviving at that young and delicate age. He took over his dad’s farm working hard under the hot Mediterranean sun at temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius. Nobody cared about him and was left alone and forgotten in his small farm on the countryside in the Troodos Mountains, in a beautiful but rough environment.

To handle his loneliness, he started the "hobby" of eating and drinking. And when it comes to eating, we are talking about “meze”, at least 20 different local dishes every time ....... and he was topping it up with a bottle of ouz0. .......... and this was his every day life ......... eating meze, drinking ouz0, working in the fields under the hot sun ................. TILL HE REACHED THE AMAZING WEIGHT OF 300 KILOS and became a human powerhouse getting energy from the sun and from the alcohol!!!!!

He became a legend and a tourist attraction! Everybody wanted to see the human monster and thousands of tourists stormed down his farm every summer to meet him.

It was in the summer of 2008 that he was spotted by Panzerfaust (Assistant Manager of GMW Federation)during his vacation in Cyprus. He was amazed not only by ouz0´s size, but also by his eating and drinking capabilities. It was Panzerfaust who introduced him in wrestling, recognizing his natural talent and his huge potential.

From July 2008 until October 2010 he was a member of the legendary top level federation German Moonsault Wrestling with amazing success, helping them climb up to Intercontinental Level. During his carrier he earned 6 Moonsaulti Chamapionships an 1 Wolrld Tag Championship fullfiling all the expectations of his mentor!

Since November 2010 he became a member of the Golden Wrestling Alliance in order to help them become a top level federation! Extreme ouzo consumption though kept him away from the ring since he was always partying with his friends.

Today he just joined Archetype Federation, after the kind invitation of Phenom the Vampire Lord. Although he is not in his top form anymore, he wants at the age of 51 to make a glorious comeback and help his new fed to climb up the fame ladder.

Ouz0 enters the ring with a bottle of ouz0 in his hands and he does not start wrestling until the bottle is empty ... and it really takes only a couple of minutes to empty it. He fights much better when he is drunk!!!

It seems like a thunder has just stroke! Sparks are showering and Ouz0 makes his way to the ring holding a bottle of ouzo and wearing his white training suit with the words "I CAME TO GET DRUNK" written on it. A light shines on him while his Drink Team Fanatic Supporters keep him company during his extreme drinking habit on the ring.

entrance video:

Aaaaaaaaaarghhhhhhh: Ouz0 hits his chest wildely getting in a state of euphoria executing an Aaaaaaaaaarghhhhhhh
The Stinky Ouz0 Smell: Ouz0 smell fills the ring through Ouz0's mouth and being in a state of trance he is executing the Stinky Ouz0 Smell

Head Twister Blast: Ouz0 lifts the opponent upright on his shoulders with the head facing down, twists his head and slams him with the head on the mat executing a devastating Head Twister Blast.
Face Crusher: ouz0 grabs his opponent from the back of his neck raises him high gaining momentum and slams him face down on the mat again and again executing a devastating HardCore Face Crusher!!
300 Kilos of Bacon: Ouz0 bear hugs his oponent, runs with him towards the ropes gaining momentum from the bounce, jumps up executing a half turn in mid air carrying him high and falls with him on the mat squashing him with his weight executing a devastating 300 Kilos Of Bacon!!

Zorba's Dance: ouz0 jumps on his stunned opponent down and lands kneeling on his belly with both feet performing a strong Zorba's Dance!!
Drunkman s Demolisher Slam: Ouz0 grabs his opponent by the neck and the groin, lifts him over his head and lets him fall in front of him to perform a devastating Drunkman s Demolisher Slam!!
Vertical Shaker: Ouz0 keeps his opponent vertically lifted for a few seconds and hurls his face to the mat while sitting down to perform a violent Vertical Shaker!!

Match Types

Merchantise, gadgets and fans

GMW Awards and Championships

6 x Moonsaulti Champion
after beating Panzerfaust on a One Fall match on the 1st October 2008. Remained unbeaten for six consequetive seasons and handed over his title back to the Federation due to his pomotion to the big league!

1 x World Tag Team Champions
as part of the legandary "Followers of Shaka" after a 3-count vs "The Dogs of War" on 22nd November 2008

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