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The Realm of Chaos shall begin!

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1 The Realm of Chaos shall begin! on Mon Sep 12, 2011 8:51 am

Name:Chaos Starter
Good or Baddie: Definetly a Baddie!

Life Story: As a child, Was forced to raise up on his own, Learning the best techniqies how to live, and how to fight for survival! near age 15, he was in the right place at the right time, meeting up with a gang, "Chaos", in which they took him in. He spent many years in "Chaos" learning the best and worst skills of fighting and also living. Eventually he became the leader of this gang, hence his name "Chaos Starter".He still is part of that gang, and experiencing new experiences everyday.

Gimmik/Phrase: Focus on yourself,and only yourself....
Phrase 2: Once the chaos Begins.. Its too late to turn back

Height: 5'11
weight: 243
Costume: His gang jacket, Full black except on one spot on the back that it firey words saying "Chaos".Wears dark blue jeans and hardcore shoes that have a built in hidden spot in them where a knife, gun, or anything could be hidden, as well in his jacket where he hides his more great weapon: A tazer used before or after matches on his opponent

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