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The Confrontation

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1The Confrontation Empty The Confrontation on Tue Apr 26, 2011 5:20 am


Ghost: Tonight, I am proud to present to you the last footage of William's quest.

Danielson: I will advice you people in advance. If William Bergeron does anything extreme or disturbing. ATW doesn't support it. William is doing this on his own.

Ghost: Ok, yes these tapes have been brutal. So, start the next one.

The camera panes to the titantron. The camera date showns the 26th of April 2011. William Bergeromn is seen talking to DefJam and Travis Touchdown.

DefJam: Are you sure that you want to do this alone?

Will Bergeron: I can handle this. I will have Carter back within a hour.

Travis Touchdown: I believe that Will can handle this by himself. Let's go get a few drinks or help out Ghetto Blaster DJ?

DefJam: Sure, why not. Show them what your made of Will.

DefJam, Travis Touchdown and William Bergeron leave the building. DJ and Touchdown get on their bikes and William heads out in his sports car. Will Bergeron looks at the clock.

Will Bergeron: Just in time to meet my little friend at his "hang-out".

William Bergeron speeds through the streets of the town. The camera skips to William Bergeron arriving at Lee Wang's parlor. He takes a deep breath and exit his car. William walks towards to door. He opens it. There are a few people playing poker at a table. They all start to stare at William.

Will Bergeron: Oh, so this is how you make your money Carter? Well, this game is over boys get the hell out.

Carter Bilodeau Sr: Who are you?

The security steps in front, as the guys start leaving the building.

Will Bergeron: It doesn't matter who I am. It's time to pay for your SINS!!!

Carter run to the back with the security guard follow. William Bergeron runs after that. Carter climb up the ladder to get on the roof, hoping to lose William. The security guard wrecks that. William Bergeron sees securiy guard climbing the ladder. He follows them up there.

Carter Bilodeau Sr: Where do I go now?

Security Guard: I got this boss. Go hide, I'll get rid of this joker.

Carter runs and hides behind a vent. The security guard waits for William Bergeron to come up. William get up.

Security Guard gains the initiative exploiting his quickness!!
Security Guard gets next to the Will Bergeron bringing down an arm
and raises his arm rapidly hitting with the forearm Will Bergeron's jaw performing an light European Uppercut!!
Security Guard lifts his opponent on his shoulders
Will Bergeron overturns the manoeuvre, and gains the initiative!
Will Bergeron raises the opponent on his shoulders
and twirls performing an violent Airplain Spin!!
Will Bergeopn goes towards his rival
Security Guard drops quickly dodging a a Throat Thrust
Security Guard stares at the opponent in front of him
and smacks his face with an light Ear Slap!!
Security Guard gets ready to hit Will Bergeron
Will Bergeron shifts and avoids an a European Uppercut, taking the initiative
Will Bergeron lifts his opponent on his shoulders
demolishing him with an hard bump, connecting with a violent The Canadian Death Driver!!!!

He notices that Carter Bilodeau Sr's limo parking behind the parlor.Will Bergeron smirks.

Will Bergeon lifts up the opponent
and slams him down to the ground.
Will Bergeron brings Security to the edge of the roof and slams him down off the roof performing a devastating Double Powerbomb Onto A Car!!!!

Will Bergeron looks at the damage that he caused and smiles. He brings to look for Carter Bilodeau Sr. He catches him and grabs him by the neck.

Will Bergeron: Time to go with me. We have a big meeting to go to.

William Bergeron forces him down the ladder. He is holding him as if he was cuffed. He throws Carter into his car trunk. William Bergeron drives off and the camera fades.

Danielson: OMG!!! William Bergeron is a crazy.

Ghost: Well no shit. That's nothing, you seen he sacrifice his life for a title. And you call that crazy.

Danielson: Yes, because he just throw a human body off a roof.

Ghost: I can't do this nomore. Please start the next match.

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